Teach remote – “It’s such a privilege to be a part of somebody else’s life”

(uplifting music) – Hi, my name’s Natasha, I teach year one and I teach here at Mornington
Island State School. I decided to become a
teacher because I had a very inspirational teacher myself. She was one of those teachers that just inspired me to do everything to the best of my ability in my day. It’s such a privilege to be able to be a part of somebody else’s life and to be a part of 30 children’s lives. There’s not much not to like (laughs). The bell goes, my students come into the classroom, they give me a hug, they give me a high five,
and then we get straight into learning, down to
business as my tell my children and we have a lot of fun in doing that. A lot of my students ask
me if we actually learn because I’ve hidden the learning under the fun that much. I like a lot about Mornington Island. Living here on such a small island, you really can’t help
but be immersed in it. The sunsets, the people, the fresh air and the opportunity to explore the culture that I never would’ve seen if I had stayed on Mainland. It’s such a privilege. (uplifting music) Come in with no predispositions, enjoy the environment,
enjoy the people, and learn. Be willing to listen. Put yourself out there and get involved because ultimately they’ll respond best to you if you’re willing
to integrate yourself into their environment
and with their culture. (uplifting music)

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