Teach remote – “It is awesome to have that feeling of family again.”

(upbeat music) – I was born in Belgium. I never thought of becoming
a teacher, to be honest. I travelled a lot and travelling a lot, the easiest way to get around, travelling, was teaching, I guess. I learned five languages. I came to Australia 12 years ago and when I came to Doomadgee,
I was offered pre-prep. I was very grateful I could have that. What I really enjoy about is
that you can see the kids grow, even in the first two terms, you see them becoming very independent. We get a lot of time with our kids. We can sit down and have a yarn with them and really personally know them. I have a seven year old son here. He’s well adjusted in the community, loves being adopted by everyone, he has many grannies here and aunties. We spend a lot of time with the community because we don’t have family in Australia, so it’s awesome having that
big family feeling again. We both love nature, my son and I. We have found ourselves
to be very well adjusted because we share a lot of the values here. (upbeat music) Summing up to be a teacher,
I think it’s awesome. A lot of work goes in it. I love seeing our kids grow
and turn into little learners when they go to prep and it’s very, very rewarding. (upbeat music)

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