Teach Queensland – “Passing on the baton to that next generation of teachers”

Teaching was something
that I always wanted to do, from a very early age, and I’ve taught in multiple
locations across the state from the Fraser Coast
to Central Queensland, Wide Bay and now here in Brisbane. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have quite a diverse career. I’ve been not just a classroom teacher but also a principal,
a curriculum advisor. I have been a pre-service teacher mentor, passing on that baton to the
next generation of teachers. Now Kirsten last year, you
were a pre-service teacher, and you came to me and spent
some time in my classroom. And during that time, it was just great to have you as a sounding board and to get authentic feedback
about what I was doing and how I was doing it, really tapping into your
years of experience. You can always do better,
always learn more. When I first started teaching, the thing I didn’t expect was the lifelong friendships
that you would make, and it’s these networks
that we build as teachers in Queensland state schools that really create that
sense of belonging.

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