Teach Queensland- “Getting to have an adventure while also doing this job that we love”

Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m a secondary health
and phys ed teacher. I’ve been teaching for over 12 years. I’ve had an amazing career and lifestyle being a high school teacher. I really love that you
can follow a passion. I’ve always been active and outdoors, and I wanted to instil that
love of healthy lifestyle in teenagers and kids. I’m a local a Brisy girl,
so I grew up in Brisbane, and I studied secondary health
and phys ed at Griffith. At university, I met my husband, and we both started our
teaching career together. Being a Queensland state school teacher, it gives you the ability
to be really mobile. So we moved to north
Queensland and we always felt like it was such an adventure
to be teachers together. Toured across Brisbane,
and central Brisbane, and southeast, as well as
across Pine and Goondiwindi, getting to have an adventure,
while also doing this job that we love. I’ve had such an amazing life and career, and I’ve always felt so supported with relocations, and
helping set up our families, wherever we were teaching. I’ve also been so supported
with parental leave, and returning to work part
time after having my babies. So for anyone considering taking a job in Queensland state schools,
I would say go for it. You can build a great
career and lifestyle, while having adventures
all across the state.

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