38 thoughts on “Teach Kids Salah (Prayer)”

  1. The cartoons is harram not good in Islam please get the mankind to do Allah work idols is harram in Islam please stop this act of idols now take it off our net work this is a very serious act of sin profit Mohammad never did such please do it the sunnat way the way our profit Mohammad pbah did it thank you

  2. You mustn't perform Salah because it stands for "Suck Allah" which means you are asking Allah to suck your cock!

  3. By kids ,you mean boys?is there ever going to be one for our daughters?how to tie up Her hair ,putting on khimar,periods?

  4. That video was very helpful for me and I Learned the namaz .God make you away from bad ways and God bless you.

  5. This is not right. Hands lift upto ears and thumbs should touch ears' bottom. Hands should bind on belly instead not on chest.

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