Teach-In For Freedom

-Why did Mama Llama have to go? This is a book I read every first day of school. I have kids that have been physically ill. They don't know if their moms
are coming back. They cry all day, and I'm there, telling them,
"You're going to see your mom again." In the populations I serve there's
lots of mixed status families and I know exactly what that feels like,
being undocumented myself. When DACA was first rescinded,
I thought that was my last year teaching. Thankfully, with AFT's help,
I was able to renew. But now I have a new expiration date, April 2020. I might be scared sometimes,
but someone needs to step up and do things. I'm hoping I'm inspiring others to say,
"You don't have to be afraid." We have 1.7 million members
that have my back. And I think that's really important to note. We're not alone. – Today we stand up for the more than 11,000
immigrant children incarcerated in detention centers across the United States. – I'm really excited and humbled by the fact
that so many educators and partner groups have come together to speak out
about this really important issue. Because Teachers Against Child Detention
isn't going to end until child detention ends. – Being a mandated reporter,
if we see something wrong, then we're supposed to do something about it, we're supposed to say something about it. So, just being able
to stand with a group of people that's saying, "You know what–
this isn't right and it's not OK." – Teachers across this entire nation
are against this. And when you see all of us united,
it sends a stronger message. – We, as the teachers of
America and Mexico, we must teach them that
diversity is important; that our children are our future. Every. Single. One of them. Get them out of cages.
Get them into classrooms. – We care….
We care! – We fight…
– We fight! – We show up…
– We show up! – We vote…
– We vote! – We are AFT and SNTE…
– We are AFT and SNTE! – Classrooms, not cages! – Build bridges, not walls! – AFT and SNTE,
we are with the people!

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