Teach For America: #ChooseTulsa

[crowd cheering and clapping] Tulsa, when I first moved here, was a town much different
than I had perceived. MENON: What I thought of was
fields, great plains. I thought of the Dust Bowl. When I came to Oklahoma
I was pleasantly surprised, especially with Tulsa. SMITH: Being from the east coast
I really had limited exposure in regards to what
Tulsa had in store. So I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I spent my formative years
in Milwaukee. SMITH: Teach for America basically recruits highly effective
individuals in every field. So not just college, but those who
are in corporate America, different ventures in our life that want to make a difference in the
lives of our children. Tulsa has one of the most vibrant
communities, willing and accessible to be engaged both in
your teaching career in pursuit of helping your students, as well as providing opportunities
outside the classroom. MENON: People in Tulsa are really
very energetic and welcoming. I felt very welcome. People wanted to talk, know what
I was doing. And were very genuinely interested
in what I was doing. NOSHAY: I've never met another community that just by asking
somebody to grab a cup of coffee, without a doubt they'll say yes. SMITH: Now downtown is
a place where people come. People are coming back to live
there, so they're building lofts. They're building different housing. People are moving back into
the city. Over the past four years the
Brady Arts District has exploded. And there's plenty more things in
the pathway to continue to grow. We spend time going to Drillers
games as well as the Roughnecks. So there's a lot of really
cool stuff to do. MENON: There's lots of art. There's lots of culture right there. Cain's is right there. I can go to see a concert any
time I want to. It's my friend network here
is what keeps us afloat. We spend as much time as we
possibly can with them going to sporting events, or concerts
and to restaurant and bars. In Tulsa there is a very strong
alumni base here. And the Teach for America alumni
invited us into the community. And I knew right away that
this was a great city and Tulsa could be home. Teach for America to me has been an awesome resource in regards
to opening my eyes to the inequity that we have in our
educational system as well as preparing me to
help solve that problem. So not just to know about it, but how to actually make
action steps, and positively impact and
making a difference. NOSHAY: This town has given
me so very much. I couldn't have asked for
a better place to land. And I think anybody that's
contemplating joining the Teach for America movement, Tulsa is by far and away one of
the areas of greatest opportunity.

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