6 thoughts on “Teach For All's Wendy Kopp on Cultivating Leadership”

  1. TfA is the Legal Aid of education; You send the greenest Teachers to the areas that need experience most and have them learn on the poor kids before moving on to the affluent areas, where the "clients" (Parents) demand better results.

  2. Before we can teach really good leadership, we need to redefine the leadership paradigm we have.  Look at the leaders of the world.  What do you see?
    I see a lot of totalitarian dictators and psychopathic political power-players.  The world has too many self-serving narcissists who call themselves leaders—even "democratic" ones.

  3. Ban the word "bossy", that's what I say. Too many helpess, poor little girls incapable of leadership, are being kept out of leadership roles, because they cave under the pressure of a single word.

    If we act bossy, and we ban "bossy", we can protect girls, thereby making them feel like they need to be protected and cannot stand up for themselves. Girls will be free to be the great leaders of tomorrow.

    We should get a sexy girl to be the face of this movement, maybe Rihanna?

  4. I dont like the effort the system puts to create leaders…

    I think it might affect young ppl into believing that everybody must be a leader. And when they realise that only few can become leaders they might get disapointed.

    My point.

    The real disadvantage of our society these days is that we cant cooperate with each other.

    We find  way more reasons to argue than to agree.

    And we are social beings, we are stronger in every way in numbers. The strongest man in the world cant change it alone.

    We are divided by other forces but we ve learned to divide our selfs too i fear..

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