Teach every child about food | Jamie Oliver

20 thoughts on “Teach every child about food | Jamie Oliver”

  1. Yeah well your sugar tax is hurting low income families, your restaurants where a disgrace hygiene wise.

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  3. Us americans have NO EXCUSE. In poorer countries, fat is beautiful because fat is nourished and nourished is rich. We are privileged first worlders.

  4. Oops

  5. This is a good talk, but it hasn’t aged super well and it needs some redoing. For one, the obesity problem isn’t just about food, and the health problem isn’t just about weight. What’s more important is eating well, and learning how to eat well – which he talks about a little, bit Id love to see it more in-depth. Maybe he could do another talk that’s more up to date?

  6. Everything he speaks is absolute truth. . .the one part I disagree is the part about supporting Milk.

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