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hi everyone I'm Tom gates from the Red Dragon Diaries if you're someone who's interested in teaching English in Korea I wrote a book about my own experiences with it I spent four and a half years in Korea teaching with epic which is Korea's public school English Program during my time in Korea I shared all aspects of my life through blog and video which included teaching daily life martial arts training food and travel however there's too much content to go through now to find the answers that you may be looking for and that's exactly why I wrote this book my book covers all subjects about your potential korea experience and it's called destiny nation korea my book covers topics such as deciding of teaching in korea is even right for you and making the big decision to uproot your life qualifying for and actually getting a job this is by far the largest portion of my book and it covers working with recruiters making a professional and marketable resume package where to look for jobs interview tips options for Koreans and couples and for some of you some of us if you're too old I also give my reflections on expectations versus reality of Korean culture so you can mentally prepare for the big transplant I talked about saving money so that you can go away with more than just photos and also the importance of tehsil related certifications and state teaching licenses you can see the complete table of contents get a free chapter and read more about destiny nation korea by clicking on this link here which is going to bring you directly to my site destiny nation korea is available at amazon itunes store barnes & noble and smashwords and all major formats are supported including epub and mobi this book is very personal to me and I hope that it brings some clarity and encouragement for those of you contemplating teaching English in Korea thanks so much and all the best in your endeavors

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  1. He worked for the same group and now he is an expert? This dude was coddled and molded to a tourist package plan. If you really want to experience living abroad and teaching English, change jobs often. Live with the natives, learn their culture, and don't take cookie cutter job offers. You don't need to know how to market yourself to recruiters or schools.

    This isn't like getting an office job back in your home country. The recruiter doesn't care about you once you are in your job. They work for the schools, not you. The person you ought to be talking with is the manager of the school you intend on going to because the owner probably doesn't speak English. Same goes with public schools, the principal usually knows no English.

    Be your own book, write it, live it.

  2. Tom did you like the certification program at Western Florida? Do you endorse the TEFL program advertised on your blog? Did you have to go back to Florida to take the state exam?

  3. Great! A book under your belt too. I miss your food videos. I was contemplating teaching over seas but I am to old so I am working on masters in stead.

  4. Does it elaborate on how much easier or hard it'll be to get hired and teach in Korea if you.. you know… dn't actually look Asian. Like if you're white, or Gods forbid Black/non-white?

  5. Hello, Tom. Tom Gates Diaries sounds better. Rather than Red Dragon. Red dragon gives communist or socialist feeling impression. Just my opinion.

  6. Best of Luck on the sales of your book. You seem to be a multi-talented individual. What's next? Perhaps a movie on the life of Tom Gates?

  7. No plans to teach in Korea, but I'd buy just to support you. I'm sure anything you've written is well worth the read, sir. :]

  8. Even though I have no desire to teach English in Korea, I still watched this video as you are a passionate and great vlogger! Good luck with it. Love your videos 🙂

  9. nice….i will recommend your book to people who want to teach english in korea….who did you get to publish your book?

  10. This book is going to be very helpful to someone out there. I am in mid-career with a large corporation. But 13 years ago, I contemplated seriously about teaching English in Korea. After thinking about all the pros and cons, I decided not to pursue. But I think it is one of the best early career move for many new graduates out there.

  11. Great idea Tom!
    I should write a book too – about teaching Australia and South Korea and soon to be China! 😀

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