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  1. Your training, blew my mind , because close to the end I remember ….. actually god made me remember a verse I read in the Bible similar to how god is doing the same with us , the creator is the silent silencer , his son the word , and like you said quiet and barking go together and make more common sense of knowledgeable wisdom. There so it is much better to increase by the Holy Spirit. Thank you

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  3. This is a very important set of skills to teach your dog to understand. I am very grateful that you have a stoic demeanor – the only other video I found that was decent with a very hyperactive man that I found hard to watch.

  4. I don't understand Part 6. It doesn't show how you trained her to be quiet on "sssh" cue, instead you show it in action while she already knows what "sssh" means.

    How do you train a dog to understand "sssh" cue as to be silent? Can you just start "sssshing", waiting a second then click and give a treat and the dog will know it got is because it was quiet??? I mean, what if the dog was sniffing something on the floor at the same moment you clicked, because you know, the dog was silent when it sniffed haha. Doesn't the dog have to bark and stop on his own, then you cue "ssssh", then you wait a second and click and then give the treat because the dog was silent.
    I don't get it.

  5. I had a yappy dog that now barks on cue. Dog owners should teach their dog when it is ok to bark, not only for the sake of human sanity but respect for others. This was an excellent source of help.

  6. Border Terrier but not sure how she would get pointy ears, from whixhq breed, I mean. Forgot the name for the type of ears. Elaine, cute! And the tail is curlier than what I remember. I had a BT about 20 years ago. The same from Something About Mary, but not mean like that. Also an older movie than that, an Scottish/Irish film? My Life as a Dog.

  7. Thanks a lot! Teaching my dog this technique.. He is now barking and can bark on command.. but still need more time to practice "quiet".. Is this all need to be taught during one session?

  8. I want train my two dogs stop barking all the time and when someone comes down stairs in there apartment my two dogs really go really crazy and go nuts until we have to yell at them to shut up

  9. How do you train two little dogs stop barking all the time and when I leave my apartment my two little constantly bark all the time

  10. Ha! Precisely the strategy I have been using with just about every behavior. My reasoning for teaching behavior first has always been that I can then induce it and teach the opposite behavior. This is great.

  11. My border collie knows when it's me knocking or if it's in the TV or a doorbell on TV and won't bark unless someone is actually at the door. Teaching him to bark on command is harder than this video shows

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  13. 4:20 you can tell the dog has been abused before. Slight trauma to physical punishment as the guy leaned in.

  14. What Breed if any is Elaine? She looks so much like our dog except he is about a third bigger all round.

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