Teach and Help a Kid to Submerge, look underwater, relax and blow bubbles

hello mister the i-5 how are you today look I'm gonna put your goggle on your eyes it is very easy okay I clean it into the water can you put your eye help me with your hand can you help me with your head and oh thank you let me see very good high five all right look the crocodile is over there should we go to get mr. crocodile let's go together oh this is not nice let's pick it out from the water there we go come this way or you move your hand and your kick okay whew let's go kick kick kick and move your hand kicking the water move your hand and Kiki hey you can mr. crocodile yes try to like oh let's try it away from you this way let's go and tick tick tick and move your hand take it easy get into the runner and take take take yours can I hold you you can get tick-tick-tick and move your hand Mucha Balkans yes take a take a kick into the water where is jerk lure the crocodile where is direct row-crop car dive where is the crunchy crocodile for his dead condyle let's go again kick kick kick and move your hand shake it a cake cake move your hand hey you don't move your head kick kick kick and move your hand and don't forget to blow your bat balls I want to see the bubbles very good into the water when you blow your bubbles touch the water with your leaves from akela dojo can you show me again very good from working with a magician I don't want a big bubbles all right you know what we do for five second look no no no like this why two three four five listen listen longer longer again longer look no longer take your time you blow bubbles much longer okay let's go kicking again move your hand and kick kick kick move your hand and kick kick kick are you ready for the dice you see mr. Christian one two one go – it's okay I am with you you're okay don't forget to blow your bubbles okay one two come congratulation easy when you are under the water don't forget to blow bubbles out of crocodile let's go get the truck ready I help you to swim stretch your hand on the front don't Vmax relax relax girls be afraid I am with you we go together one two up here we go alright take it nice alright simple hey I'm here can you give it to me cool can you jab I catch you come you alright don't forget when you go go bad oh you forgot to blow your bubbles don't forget to bring your father's when you do when you go into the watcher can you kick into my head boom boom boom boom boom like this kick with your legs into yeah kick with your legs into my head like this some phone calls very good good kick kick kick kick into my hand kick into my hand take into my hand good like this to affect funk funk funk funk donkey boom boom boom boom boom thunder like this yeah like this speak to my and very very good very very good keep clip kick to high five give me five times to Duda yes are you ready you come in bubbles I catch you come babbles Wow do ya very good mr. duck congratulation ha ha three three and bucks you goodbye boss very good one more time slowly took the time no again looks good what yeah send it away bill good job we are going bubbles together hi hold you see you are mr. Christian you are with me slowly slowly slowly very good toad – when you are into the watcher don't forget to do your bubbles good good bubbles when you are into the water did you pull your goggles Wow one more time hello we're underwater don't stop the bubbles yeah it's always bubbles we go back to the toys you take the task one two go congratulation that is why you send the toys huh nice come to mr. Christian Jim I catch you I catch you just blue bubble it's okay just just listen oh come don't care just blow bubbles it's okay just go it's okay I am Here I am here I come one step and you jump okay Wow very good you see that's easy don't forget when you jump you need to know your bubbles remember I find I knew all that was not I fine I fight I fight first good now you just bubbles spits okay look this way that's for you yeah soup senator Wayne well all right let's go bubbles again take your time for about us did you look into the wetter your battles little now when you grab a bus listen to the weather very good look into the rudder again look into the last video look into the water did you look into the water yeah again did you bleed out push when you need our word one more time nice to do I'm very proud of you you see it's so easy look into the water and blue bar books all right high five all right you give me laughing don't oh hi yay

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