40 thoughts on “Teach a child to ride a bike quickly and simply”

  1. This woman is all wrong teaching is child how to ride a bike what you do is take 1 training wheel off that's all it takes.

  2. No no no, all wrong.

    Give them a push and tell them to "pedal"! They fall once or twice, but then they learn to turn the handlebars when the bike leans.

    (Stay close by and have grass on the sides of them if possible)

    Another good thing is to walk them quickly while holding the handlebars

  3. I have a tip
    Keep calm while on the bike, if you are nervous or full of anxiety you can fall

  4. Well its thank u very much for the tips and why i thank u is cause im only 9 years old and i can drive a bike so thank u very much <3

  5. This came on my recommandations??? Why i know to ride a bike tho i learned in a hole dif way and didnt use any of theese steps

  6. I’m 30 and can’t ride a bike properly. My big issues are I always got a nervous when I have to turn either left or right.

  7. Im 15 years old and i learned how to ride a bike in 30 minutes with supportive friends. The floor is not straight its going down road and going up. I was on the side walk with my friends and my friend told me to try to do it, and look now i can do it. Last time i used a bike is 8 years old and now i can do it!



  9. I learned how to ride my bike in 5 minutes. And it was my first time riding a bike

  10. I'm 8 years old and I have a bike and this video really helps out
    Even though your much older and still don't know how
    Try it again and don't give up

  11. I just learned how to ride a bicycle from my friends’ guidances and its easy to learn if you put hard work on practicing riding the bike

  12. I’m 9 years old and I don’t know how to ride a bike.

    Once I came back from school working and I saw a 3 years old riding a bike with no little wheels!

  13. I'm 9 nearly 10 and I just learnt how to ride a bike on Friday 13th April after watching this vid it took me 1 hour I practiced scooting for ages I fai ally got my ballence and I did it a couple more times then I started peddling and I on,y fell of once so proud of my self 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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