TDIH: K&R Edition – Embarrassing Stories About Learning to Kiss

only forget just forget the story or two stories you're about to hear what happened after we tell them yeah I think just we're gonna tell you two stories just pretend you never heard them so my my dad was a bus driver for New Jersey Transit for 30 years and they had a big Christmas party and all of the kids would get certain guests and one year the gift from my age category was the Farrah Fawcett head they had a head a bust of her that you could put makeup on and you could style her hair so flash-forward years go by and I'm invited to a spin the bottle' party I'm in like eighth grade I've never been to spin the bottle' party so but I'm gonna not be that girl that doesn't know what she's doing so I decide I'm gonna I'm gonna make out with a Farrah Fawcett head okay to practice to practice kissing I mean she was the only one that was there okay [Laughter] flash-forward I'm now a talk show host Farrah Fawcett is a guest on our show and I don't know what comes over me but I say to her you were my first kiss I mean not you not you just your head just your boss ha ha ha Ryan of course tells it even more interesting again like I said forget you heard these two stories so it dawned on me that I have a similar story about learning how to kiss and we do have to practice before we do it for the first time and I grew up in Atlanta and there's a mall off 285 called perimeter mall there's a store called Spencer's gifts in the back they have posters yeah and if you get to the back of the posters they have posters of girls and girls in bikinis and this was back when Heather Thomas and Christie Brinkley were the girls wrapped around in fire hoses and things in the posters and I earned some money mowing the lawns of the neighborhood and I bought these two posters and I brought them home to my mother and I said hey MA I bought something at the mall with my lawn-mowing money can I pin them on the plaid wallpaper in my bedroom and she said sure okay well then at one point I was going to go out with this girl I mean I was very young but I didn't know if I was gonna kiss her or not and I had never kissed anyone so I took the Christie Brinkley poster off the wall and I put it on the ground remember just forget this okay afterwards he put it on the ground okay and I laid down and I started to make out with her and for a second it kind of felt like she was there where'd you know that my son was sitting there listening to these stories riveted and horrified oh yeah yeah he was like what and so Kelly said to me have you ever told Christie Brinkley that story and I said no are you kidding she said good we're gonna book her in a couple of weeks yeah [Applause]

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