32 thoughts on “Tayo S4 EP22 l Thank you, Ms. Teach! l Tayo the Little Bus l Season 4 Episode 22”

  1. Somehow rogi and tayo are brave buses at the same time without the wheel of courage but I figured out that gani and lani are a very very coward buses hahahahahahahhahah.

  2. ThankYou Ms Teach: Mischievous little cars, Speed and Shine, are keeping causing trouble at school.Teach tried to fix but it’s not working. This even made mischief. Speed and Shine are touched by teaches to meet her expectations.(4 ep22)

  3. i just realized something…..that school must be HUGE! considering its a school for cars,buses,and trucks and even they look tiny compare to the hallways and classroom. and of course humans are small compare to trucks and buses. so that classroom would be like being inside a giant warehouse!

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