Taylor Oakley: M.S. Education, School Counselor K-12

(Music) My background was in psychology and after I graduated my undergraduate I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do. I took a year off and got experience working with kids in a children’s home. I really connected with them, and that made me want to be a counsellor, and to be with them directly in the school to help them move along towards after graduation. We really get to work one on one with all of the faculty members and I found that really beneficial. You get to know them on a personal level and as a professional as well. My experience as a graduate assistant, I worked in the Educational Pshychology Department where we conducted research on effective study skills. We also evaluated student perceptions of faculty. So I was able to work directly with the professors and also with students. Faculty really promote building relationships outside of the program. The enrichment opportunities have allowed me to personally reflect on my skills as a counsellor. So I’m out there in the community working alongside of professionals. I started here in 2013 as a student, and I really only saw myself as a student, but now, after these past 2 years, I’ve really become more of a professional. And it gave me a ton of valuable life experiences, so when I do become a school counsellor I can talk easier with professionals and build relationships with students as well.

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