33 thoughts on “Taylor Mali on "What Teachers Make"”

  1. Teachers are highly undervalued. Students are able to mess around and the teachers, government pays them pretty low, and they're whatever in the eyes of society…. EVEN THOUGH, they are the ones who are teaching the future of the world, the future leaders, laborers, dentists, doctors, businessmen, scientists, mechanics, engineers, and yes, even lawyers. Teachers don't get enough praise in society, such a shame…

  2. You are more than amazing. You, SIr, are. An. Inspiration. I would have had an amazing life if I could have made it to be a teacher like you. Thank you for inspiring countless children and maybe even, if we're lucky, a few parents.

  3. I am a teacher and I do make a difference. That is what I live for:)
    A student shared this with me. She said it reminded me of her.
    Thank you for the shout out recognizing the work we do.

  4. i have heard it the first time in a lesson with my favourite teacher, the best of the world. This poem is great and everytime I hear it I will remember this perfect, funny, wonderful teacher M.Z

  5. Listening to this irritating, smug, snarky pillar of educational virtue, I realize he's likely never taught in a public school.

  6. I love this because I went to public school with teachers who did care and were about the students BUT I also had the opposite experience. The good teachers often leave to better districts or to private because they are not supported either by their peers and/or the administration. I give credit to teachers like him but I am finding there are less and less teachers like this.

  7. Self-aggrandizing loser who ismt an engineer, but needs to feel important. Just grade the papers and shut up.

  8. I'm a PhD student who just got nominated for teacher of the year at one of the Universities I teach at. I heard this almost a decade ago and loved it. Now that I have been a teacher in grad school for 5 years I almost cried hearing this again.

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