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I wanted something meaningful
to do with my life. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted my day to be full of purpose, so
that’s why I thought that teaching might be a good idea for me. I mean the IOE –
its reputation speaks for itself I wanted to go somewhere where I
could be taught by the best So my placements were actually fantastic. I was very lucky.
I didn’t have really any scary experiences. I mean it was daunting
going in and teaching because you’ve never taught
before and both SE1 and SE3, so they’re your main placements,
they were amazing. I had brilliant mentors both at school and from the IOE. Both of my mentors
really allowed me to learn as much as possible. I remember SE1
at the start and my teacher decided that there was no point
me doing small group work, I should just go straight in and teach whole
class So on my very first day of teaching, I was teaching whole class and
although that was really scary it meant that by the end I was completely used to
teaching a class of 30 children and you know I didn’t have that daunting
transition moving from small groups to a whole class so, yeah, that was fantastic. It’s an incredibly tough course, it’s really really hard work but and I really
just threw myself into it. I worked really hard for the whole time and you
know, lots and lots of late nights and it was very tiring and I think because of
all the effort that I put in and it I mean every time you got a result back,
every time you had some kind of acknowledgement from a tutor, and then to
come here even today it’s all so worth it and it all felt so rewarding. Our group mentor was Lorna Dyke
and she was so grounding and so personable and she
really made quite a daunting experience – she brought it back down to earth really
so she was fantastic. I had two outstanding mentors in Georgina Merchant
and Josh Franks. Georgina was my mentor for the longer time in SE1
and she was incredibly supportive and very… Her feedback – very generous with her
feedback. She’d really think about everything that you said to her,
everything that you’d send to her in your emails you could tell that she put
a lot of thought into it and responded very academically actually, she
was yeah, she was brilliant and of course Josh was fantastic as well.
She was never directly linked to me but Dr McCrory – Amanda McCrory, she’s, I
think an inspiration to everyone she took her role very seriously and
inspired us all to take the profession very seriously and she had very high
expectations and I think inspired a lot of us, in terms of the kind of teacher
that we wanted to be. My husband Scott. I couldn’t have done it without him
again it was a lot of hard work and you really need a lot of support to be doing
it and I mean I would have been lost without him, and then obviously the
teachers that were at my placement schools. They were fantastic and so
supportive of me and really supportive of the IOE and any IOE staff
that came to see me. And the kids – I mean all of the children
in both classes I had. Year Six and Year One – all of those
children – I mean they were the first classes that I’ve ever had so they
made a huge difference to my life.

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