47 thoughts on “Tania Ngima – Lessons from my divorce”

  1. Everything you go on in life are about to destroy you if negative and to build you if are possible

  2. Sounded like a PowerPoint office presentation. I was still waiting for the story before she ended it. We are too westernized

  3. wow this girl Taina Ngima has world class talent. i wish we could have many females like her. success is not defined by materials this where many females in western modern countries who miss-use what success means. Goodness me iam enjoying watching here and listening wish one day sitt down with her and talk to her face to face . see iam entrepreneurship network business owner so i dont believe in job . i do believe work ethic that creates assets of cash flow life. This girl has great intelligent idea.

  4. Goodness me your own hero for ur own life . i saw you to day for the first time in my life through by watching your life hopefuly will have impact to many people on earth. your story is big wake up call for many young people .

  5. Tania Ngima,you have identified the issues that made your marriage failed.You are now empowered because you've owned and taken responsibility whereby given chance for marriage you will able to embrace it with love, care and with less suspicion .I believe you have put "self"in it's coffin.

  6. Thank you Tania – Hearing you on this channel, in such simple, yet deeply profoundly sincere talk, is a breathe of fresh air to many souls in your now conquered position. How i so wish, there would be a session as beautiful as this one too for men to be men enough and break down unseen walls of post-divorce. To build back the man in them, and seek closure. I sincerely admire this. A standing ovation.

  7. your definition of independence and vulnerability, that is how I perceive it and I know that is what most women think. weeee, its time to change.

  8. This is the kind of maturity that my generation needs. To know that when things don't work out you've got to learn from it, pick yourself up and move on without blaming the other party(s) involved. Keep your head up girl.

  9. I don't know what it was, but if the betrayal was about him cheating, then there is nothing like 'you played a part in it'. It's high time we stopped putting the mistakes that ppl commit on ourselves. People do things out of being selfish and self centered.

  10. She's still damaged from the divorce. It hit you hard and it's understandable. Wish we knew what really happened in the marriage that ended up failing. What role did you play in the failure, what was his role- cheating, lack of communication, career.. what was it? All the best to you though.

  11. STOP CUTTING the womans pussies off Kenyans….they need orgasms…missing clitorises are destroying marriages.

  12. Very deep topic;destiny turnaround for me i battle with phobia of unknown.helpful video.Thankyou.

  13. LMAO, in western nations women have realised Feminism and the "miss independent" culture has not been working out for them and are going back to the kitchen.
    Mwafrika still thinks its cool and trendy.

  14. Wow… relational self awareness is rare and I applaud Tina for accepting her part in the divorce . It’s usually easier to take the victim angle, and join the pity party….but self reflection will help you grow and be a better you!

  15. for those who cannot appreciate a fellow human being who is aware of their own strengths and weakneses.i suggest you get help pls.
    thank you Tania you are beautiful,strong and succesful.

  16. I can totally relate with you but one thing I realize is that everything you go through in life is meant to build you. There is no test without a testimony, your pain is your platform for preach/praise.if my marriage didn’t fail I wouldn’t discover who I am and what am capable of and know exactly what I want in life. It was simply my stepping stone to a lot of blessing, breakthrough discovery, self awareness,
    Accept what happen learn from it accept the mistakes you also made for it to fail never act a victim forgive yourself n forgive them n start working on yourself.

  17. I totally identify with so much of your experience. The fear factor, challenges, failure and success. Very insightful conversation!

  18. am not married,still young but listening to her story it clearly shows that it isn't easy. Divorce can be ugly and difficult to go through. I can tell from fer voice that it has not been an easy journey.

  19. She appears to be a dynamite. One story fully developed could have better anchored the presentation

  20. Superb clear coherent presentation
    …I love the mastery of language the command of matters of individual success..i must say I have learnt alot…may you find your true love…. wishing you the best madam

  21. It's interesting how every comment by a man here is about how women have lost their morals. And how Westernisation is brainwashing women. What exactly is wrong with these creatures?

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