Tan France Was Asked to Give a French Tuck in a Bathroom

-I know that
this is your show — This is his show, clearly, and
he’s got things to start with, but I’ve got to say real quick.
-Sure. -Backstage, he was
too scared to give me hugs, and now he’s, like,
all about the hug. He wouldn’t even shake my hand,
and now you’re all about the hugs
because we won a game together? [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, I was a little giddy. -Oh, really?
-Backstage, ’cause I was — I was doing fist bump.
-I love a fist bump. -I don’t.
-People are shocked with the fist bump with me,
because I don’t seem like — Obviously, I don’t seem like
the fist-bump kind of guy. Keeps me — Keeps me well. -I’m so happy you’re here again.
-Thanks. -I want to — I was talking
to you backstage, ’cause I said you have
such an iconic look. And you said that you’ve
been getting mistaken for a different celebrity.
-[ Laughs ] See, I would like to believe
I have an iconic look. But apparently somebody else
has that iconic look. Taika Waititi. And so —
[ Laughter ] -Taika Waititi
from “Jojo Rabbit.” -Yeah!
-Who just won the Oscar? -Yes.
So, very, very famous Taika. And so I’ll be — So, here’s the thing.
[ Laughter ] Here’s the thing. This is, like,
Tan France TV hair. When I don’t have this hair, it’s, like, really curly
like Taika’s. And so when I’m out in public,
people will — They started doing this
about a year ago where they’d be like,
“Is it you?” I’m like, “Yeah.” And then they’ll start
to take the picture, and it’s very clear
they think I’m Taika. And so I’m like,
“Well, I’ll just lean in.” And so I continue on. What is hilarious, though, is
that I don’t change my accent, but, America,
I love you very much, but you clearly don’t know
how to distinguish accents, because he’s from New Zealand.
I’m from England. And I saw Taika at a party a few
months ago. And I was like, “Oh, my gosh. Taika, people
keep mistaking me for you.” And he was like,
“They do it to me, too.” I was like,
“Do you change your accent?” He was like, “Nah, it’s America.
They don’t know the difference.” [ Laughter and applause ] -We don’t care.
We love everybody. -They don’t know.
-We love everybody. -They don’t know. -But, I mean, I’ve been out
with you guys in the public, and people freak out around you. -Oh.
-They love you. You’re beloved in America,
as well. And is there one question that
people always stop and ask you? Is there one — -Well, there’s
a couple of things. They start with a move
which is, they lift me, which is so bizarre.
Can I do a quick P.S.A.? -Yeah.
-Can I take this time? Stop lifting me! Whoever — Stop lifting me!
I’m a grown man. They see me
with my “Queer Eye” boys — [ Laughter ]
-Wait, what? -So, I’m with
my “Queer Eye” boys, and they’re all much taller. And so everybody thinks when
they see me that I must be tiny. And so they get really excited,
and they lift me up. -Wait, they grab you, and they
lift you off the ground? -Strangers. Strangers. [ Laughter ]
-What? -And so, once — And they jump. And so the first thing I say
when somebody runs up to me, I’m like,
“Please don’t lift me.” [ Laughter ] -Did I lift you
when you came out? -Yes, you did,
and it was very awkward. -I hugged you.
-No, you were like, “Hey, Tan, I don’t shake hands, but let me
lift you and bounce you.” -No, I did not lift you
and bounce you. [ Laughter ] What fashion advice
do they ask you for? Like, “Hey, can you
design my wardrobe?” What do you —
-They ask me a lot. It’s usually something
called a French tuck. -Whoo!
-And so people will ask me
to French tuck them. Thanks so much
for those “whoo”s. But what I find
very strange is — So, it’s called a French tuck ’cause you just tuck in
the front of your shirt. However, when you just say it
to a stranger — And I am a stranger to them.
They don’t really know me. They’ll come over, and they say,
“Will you French tuck me?” It sounds really vulgar.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Especially by a “urannal.” Urinal. However you guys
pronounce it. -Oh, yeah. Okay, sorry, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -In a — In a public restroom! [ Cheers and applause ] In a public restroom. Why would you follow me in and then ask me to French tuck
you whilst I’m out? -Especially in
the “urannal,” too. Yeah, I mean, that’s a —
Absolutely. Why would you do that,
as well? Yeah. I was —
I know you’re great with style. -Thanks. -But you know what I didn’t know
really about you is that you were
an actual designer. -Yeah, I’m actually — I’m not
a stylist. I’m a designer. I do that on “Queer Eye” because
I know how to style people, I would like to believe. But first and foremost,
I’m a designer. And so —
-For years. -And I have been, yeah,
since I was, like, 16. I went to designer school.
I was making women’s clothing. That’s how I made my money. I created businesses
that were women’s wear. -It’s good to know this. -Yeah. And so — And so when —
You mentioned earlier, I have a new show
called “Next in Fashion.” When they came and asked me
if I wanted to do that, I was like, “Heck, yeah.” Like, encourage new designers?
Celebrate the craft of design? It was a godsend. -And now, your co-host,
Alexa Chung, I love Alexa Chung.
-[ Gasps ] I love her so much. -Hi. Alexa Chung.
I love her. She’s awesome. -I love her so much.
She’s honestly incredible. I was about to say
she’s the best host on TV other than Jimmy Fallon. -Thank you. I appreciate that. You saved yourself.
You saved yourself. -She’s amazing. But you know,
she’s so smart, so funny.
-Funny, yeah. -So ridiculously attractive at
5:00 A.M., it’s just sickening. [ Laughter ]
She’s wonderful. She’s such a great talent, yeah. -Can you explain the show
to anyone — -Yes.
-Yeah. -So, it’s 18 designers
from all over the world. They are competing to be
the next household name. And so these are people who have worked for major,
major design houses. And they’re competing
against each other. They start in groups, and then
they compete against each other. And it’s a celebration
of great design. They really are
incredible people. And it brings the world together to celebrate different countries
and opportunities and design. -I also like it because
it shows you how much work goes into clothes.
-Oh, yeah! -You just go, “Oh,
that’s just a jacket, and it’s a tie,
and it’s a shirt.” -Yeah.
-It’s like — So much work goes into
making that thing. And that’s — -Within a day and a half,
which is insane. They do this
within a day and a half. They make the most
incredible clothes. And then the final collection,
they do within two days. And it will blow your mi– It will blow your mind.
In my opinion, it’s some of the most beautiful
fashion you’ll ever see on TV.

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