Tamara: ‘With OISE I can inspire learning’

My name is Tamara Mitchell and I’m a grade
one teacher here at Dewson public school. When I was doing my Masters at OISE, I took
some courses on arts education and in a way those courses and those professors sort of
gave me permission to go outside the box. One thing that I do that’s different is
that because my background is in music I bring a lot of that to the classroom. I just try to share what I love with them. There have been a couple moments in every
year when a student just has a breakthrough and they do something for the first time. I remember working with a reading group and
somebody read a sentence for the first time like really use the sounds that I had taught
them really well and I was so happy seeing that confidence grow overtime. That for me is really rewarding. I would recommend OISE to future teachers because it’s a place that’s filled with people
that really value learning. All of the professors, all of the students
that are there are people that feel that education is really important. And, I would say for aspiring
teachers: get as much in-class experience as you can. With OISE I can inspire learning.

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