Tamara Markey announced as 2019 Indiana Teacher of the Year

Good morning McKenzie. We’re getting
ready to have history made in this building today. We are super excited that
you all will be here, students and staff. When Mrs. Markey comes down this hallway,
the element of surprise if you know her will not last long, but as soon as you
start seeing her face we want to cheer and scream as loud as we can,
to recognize and congratulate her. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce
the 2019 Indiana teacher of the Year, Tamara Markey! This might be an accident to have
microphones in front of me, I’ve got a pretty big mouth without a microphone
and I have to say for the first time I’m I’m a bit speechless and that doesn’t
happen often, I usually have a lot to say, I ask any of my students. This is
absolutely one of the most humbling moments, I thought being named the
district Teacher of the Year was an honor, but this is truly an honor
to be able to represent all of the teachers educators in the state of
Indiana. I have so many ideas and so many things that I want to share and so much
to learn and many times I’m guilty of not being able to say no, always putting
myself out there to to do the most as my students which would say, or sometimes my
kids tell me, mom that’s team too much, but I’m proud to be part of team too
much, I am, and I’m proud to go home every single night and sometimes pass
out on my couch in sheer exhaustion because I’ve given everything that I
have to give to my students. This is the best job that anyone could have. It is
such a privilege, truly a privilege to be an educator., not only because I’m able to
pour my passion into so many students and hopefully have a lifelong impact, but
because I learned so very much from each one of my students each and every day.
You guys share with me some of your innermost thoughts and struggles and
dreams and it is truly an honor to be a part of the students lives.
It is also an honor to be part of this wonderful Township and this wonderful
school, I could not ask for better staff and peers to support some of my
craziness. My family… Five years ago I decided to
pursue my passion and become an educator, to become a teacher, and that involved me going back to school full-time and student teaching
full-time, after being at home with my kids for 12 years. That was a shock to
our entire system, it shook the core of our family but without my husband to
support me, and he supports me each and every day he allows me to give him the
download dump of what happened that day, he allows me to give him the download dump from that day, and gives me really good advice on what he would do as a non-educator. Some I actually put into
practice, others I’m like II I don’t think I could get away with that one, but always sound and good advice. My children that stepped up to the plate
and learned how to do their own laundry and learned how to cook some simple
meals and now they’re actually pretty good. Just thank you guys, thank you so
much, I could not have done this without your support, without the support of our
wonderful administrators, the support of our wonderful staff, and without each and
every one of you, the students. I truly love you guys from the bottom of my
heart and I hope to do this justice. Flu, I know you were like spectacular so I’ve
got big shoes to try to fill next year, and I watched your whole thing
and I thought oh he’s smooth. I’m not gonna quite that person, I am
what I am, but I’m so proud, I’m just so proud, and so thankful for
this opportunity, it is truly a blessing. Thank you. you

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