Talking about my crazy literacy teacher jamie snyder

hey miss nighter that's who it is maybe your worst student but as a matter of fact I am a good kid you are a loser you got me where you get out of here this isn't your business you are I can't believe it I don't want to go back to Bill Roberts because of you you suck you are a threat and quit tweeting my mom's a threat get out of here Rory I can't believe that your husband called my momma psycho and in front of your little daughter Andy who won't stop crying I'm fed up I can't believe you dropped a dime and flipped out on my mom that was not your business to flip out on my mom at the carnival shut up Rory blah blah blah okay and you're the reason when one of the two reasons why I'm leaving you are the reason why I did not go on the SS part trip you are the reason why I am putting the Roberts away I hated that school just because of you just because of you I can't believe you do this minister to me I'm about to cry because you know it you are I can't believe you're so jealous you're angry with people that have more than you and if you have two albums at home you need to keep that stuff with your family don't take it out on us at school what did we do we just want to get an education right I can't I hope I honestly hope you lose your job for this because I can't tell you how upset I am that he treated me this way and I am going to stand up for myself and my fellow students that he treated like sure that you treated like crap like Jack easterly he does nothing and you sent him to miss less leisure I can't believe you did this you are a cranky miserable woman you are offensive you are anti-trump honestly like I don't want to say it but you can't talk about your own opinion like I'm not that I'm not a trump supporter either but like you can make sure your own opinion that's that's you can't it just can't do that Miss Snyder also I'm not an easy target just because I have autism you can't take all out your problems just because I have autism Miss Snyder and you know I don't even want to call you miss Schneider I just want to call you Jamie I don't think you deserve it I don't think you deserve the respect from me treat other people the way you want to be treated it's like I'm just sitting down and I obey you and I stand up and you're just cranky and grumpy with us before we've even done anything I understand we have a talking issue why do you expect we're seventh graders I'm going to McAuliffe next year and I hope I never ever see you again you know what I hope you lose a job that way you have to move back to California fed up with this behavior I can't believe the way you handle this and you are in a lot of trouble for this I am Telling You I never okay ever want to talk to you again I hope that you never see none of us again that was my mom and don't take it out on us I was just your student try my best to get a literacy education and you have to make it so difficult for me I'm about to cry you know I would if I could go back to the Roberts I would die for my friends but I cannot spend one more minute with you I'm sick of your dramatic and cranky behavior if you want to be a loser just be a loser if you want to be a winner hi Bart then act like it you are disrespectful to me and I am I can't you can't tweet that my mom's a threat when she's not you just can't you need to stay out of business that isn't yours you got me no right now I'm going to advocate for myself you're wrong you're freaking lone and I want to rebuild a relationship with you don't get in that just shut up about it I am really mad with you and I bet other moms and other students are really mad at you and Bart's this is my dog Bart by the way I know if you care you can't to call your dog ugly you can't say you're bullying us we take that very seriously I personally take that very seriously just because you're a teacher doesn't mean you can treat us with disrespect how do you how would you feel if we try to teach you with disrespect that is not right the way you treated us is not right you suck you're a horrible woman I hate you you're you're filthy all you know is procrastinate and you are grumpy with me I have autism I'm just a kid what what is wrong with you woman what is I'm not even gonna call you miss Schneider Jamie I'm not I'm about to cry you know I'm so glad I get to go to McAuliffe next year because all you had to do was make seventh grade difficult for me fat woman coward by the grace of God that got me out of that school and to McAuliffe that will hunt you down the rest of your life and you know what I bet in the future they are gonna be like oh I remember that kid Max and I feel so bad and you know I don't care if you apologize to me or not I just hope I never say things to you again you got me I hope other kids never see you again bye

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