Taking your first steps into higher education (Free Course Trailer)

Applying for a place in higher education can be a life-changing decision. Going to university is a big step, particularly if you don’t have a specific career path in mind. In this free introductory course from the Open University, you’ll look at a range of British institutions, what going to uni might mean to you, as well as looking into the types of subjects on offer. The course discusses all areas of study, looking at arts subjects like
English and History through to science, technology
and maths. You’ll develop ideas about identity and how social circumstances affect what sort of opportunities are available. You will also pick up a greater understanding of subjects you may not have initially been interested in and acquire some additional study skills. This digital course is flexible and makes
up 24 hours of study time. You’ll take a number of
quizzes to review what you’ve learned and upon completion, you’ll receive a digital badge. Created for students of all ages, First Steps
in HE is designed to give you the bigger picture on what university can offer, and help you
move with confidence. Get more from The Open University Check out the links on screen now

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