Take a look inside new center for student inclusion center at WSU Tri-Cities

MOSAIC is a collaboration
between students, faculty, staff, WSU system, and the community. So for me all of the pieces of the MOSAIC
are the the variety of students that we have here and their different
backgrounds but also the community. And how we all kind of work together to
create that cohesive inclusive space. The exciting thing about having a grand
opening is that we get to really define what that is. So we don’t have traditions as it being
our first year, but we’re working on them. And so one of the things that we’re
talking about is having a workshop series. And these are flexible right so we can
have an hour workshop over pronouns. Or we can have a five hour workshop
that highlights the issues that students are facing as Dreamers. Things like that. We also want to show documentaries,
and have book clubs, and do movie nights, and just gonna
create a space that’s a home for us. [MUSIC].

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