Take 2 #5 – “Soft Skills” Education Focus

Hello this is Take 2. I’m Anthony and I’m Elle, and today Anthony is going to start with a question. And my question is What do you think should be the focus of education worldwide? Well, I think the focus of education worldwide should be on what we call “soft skills” I don’t really like that term I prefer to call them “skills for life”. Yeah, but those skills involved things like critical thinking creativity persistence, flexibility resilience Good communication skills and all of those skills sort of combine to create this process that we give students something that they can take into their outside world when they finished with school. They are skills for life. Yeah for sure, and I think that should be the focus. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the focus We’ve been very focused on outcomes. Yeah, an outcome focus produces, tends to produce in children a lot of anxiety and We’ve seen this unfortunately with children getting younger and younger with anxiety around standardized tests, etc, etc So we really, really need to build upon this and I think it’s nice to see some changes from a country like Singapore and a leader in business like Richard Branson. You were saying you read about Richard Branson the other day. Yes So Richard Branson has dyslexia, and obviously if you have dyslexia then exams are a really difficult process to go through and he also had you know some struggles with schooling and so he’s instructed his personnel at at Virgin to not employ anybody simply based on exam results anymore because he obviously has that empathy that you know not everybody shines in exams and he realized as a company they weren’t getting the best applicants necessarily or the best people based on academic results. And in Singapore mentoring Singapore, which has had some of the best results of outcome-based things in the world. They’ve now changed the focus on on ranking students against each other in junior primary or in primary schools, and they’ve actually said ‘learning is not a competition’. That’s a great sort of focus away from that outcome-based results We’re also seeing universities get away from those tertiary rankings a little bit too. So it’s a really good shift I think that we’re starting to see. That’s Take 2 – thank you

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