T Level industry placements – education, Ganton School

She comes in, she does exactly what’s asked of her… she never complains about anything, she just gets on with it… and it’s amazing to have someone like that. She involves me with everything… so she’ll always give me a child to work with… and give me a task to do and complete it. The other staff have been really welcoming as well. It’s really nice. She’s an excellent role model for the children. I think the way she speaks to them… is perfect for the setting that we’re in. At the beginning of the year I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. The circle time, I would not have thought I would be able to do it. My nerves would have got in the way. Now, I don’t get scared by doing it. It’s just a normal thing. They come in, I say “circle time”, we do it and it’s fun. I don’t even think about it. I would say the biggest change has been in her confidence… because when I first started she was very quiet, very softly spoken. And she still is those things, she’s a very gentle person… but her confidence with the children… and speaking in front of a group has grown hugely. Just about every placement has said… “We really like having students out more on placements”… Because there’s a continuity, there’s consistency… the children really appreciate having somebody… because they become very familiar with them… and they become part of the team. And they’re given much more responsibility if they’re out more often. Just hands-on experience does go hand-in-hand… with the academic studies. When I think back to me being sixteen, I couldn’t have done this. Not a chance! I think the difference is that when I was sixteen… I stayed on at school to do A Levels. Going into the industry placement, and the course she’s done… I think opens a different sort of world to you. I’ve learnt so much when I’ve been here… that I never thought I would. Even in a year I’ve seen so much development in myself… and I feel that if I didn’t have the placement… I wouldn’t be this confident. I’m just proud that we see them, we take them in as novices… and we send them out with experience and knowledge… ready to move on to the next stage of their lives really.

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