Sydney Metro: I Wonder Day at Chullora Public School

[Music] Chullora Public School is a primary school. We actually have 12 mainstream classes and three support classes catering for
students with autism and a combination of autism and cognitive disabilities. It’s really important for organisations like Sydney Metro to be involved with schools because it gives us extra information. Teaching has changed significantly. We’ve gone from taking the textbooks out of the classroom, moving into hands on learning experiences through learning and through play, and we are now moving into inquiry-based learning. Inquiry-based learning is a framework. It’s based on tapping into the curiosity of the students. We base the teaching and learning on what the students don’t know, and what they’re curious about. It is new to my teaching practice, which is really exciting. We have planned an I Wonder Day so that we can spark a curiosity in our students. We’ve actually had a great opportunity to be part of a project that is part of Western Sydney Univeristy and Sydney Metro. There’s only so much information that we have as educators. It’s always great to be able to tap into the vast amount of knowledge that there is, external to our school. Today what we decided to do as a school, is we decided to have a Wonder Day. When you’re embarking on enquiry learning you want to spark their curiosity. You can’t exactly just say to students, we’re going to be learning about Sydney Metro, what do you know, what do you wonder? Because we know, for our students, there is no train station here at Chullora. They don’t have those life experiences with trains, and what my class does, and the other two classes will be completely different because we all have different students in our classrooms and they will all be wondering different things. As they find those answers they might wonder more things. There’s endless possibilities with this. I’d like to know how long the train is, or maybe, if it comes in different colours. What are the trains made out of? It’s helped us as teachers because we’ve been given professional learning, and it’s also in context for the students because it is in areas like Bankstown, Punchbowl and Lakemba, even Belmore that the students do regularly go to. And it’s something that’s going to be there when they grow up, and they’ll think bacl to themselves and think, I was actually a part of this. [Music]

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