Sydney Metro: FastTracking the Future education program an introduction for primary school students

[Music] Hello, today some of my friends and I are going to tell you all about the brand new train system called Sydney Metro. It’s driverless, fast, safe and comfortable, and very easy to use. The metro is already operating in the North West of Sydney, and we’re now extending it with another line under Sydney Harbour, all the way through the city to Bankstown. So I can take a ride on the metro right now? Yes, the North West metro opened in May 2019, and you can travel all the way from Rouse Hill to Chatswood. And the best part, you can see where you’re going out of the front window. Where is the next metro line going? The new City & Southwest metro line will go from Chatswood to North Sydney, under Sydney Harbour to the city, then on to Bankstown. How can you dig a tunnel under the Harbour, without getting wet? Good question. We use these gigantic tunnel boring machines with razer sharp teeth on the front to dig down into the earth, then break through the other side. We’ll be using these machines to go about 40 metres under the Harbour all the way to the city. More than 31 kilometres of tunnel will be completed to create the longest railway tunnels in Australia. Will there be new train stations? Yes, we’re building more exciting new train stations at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo, Martin Place, Pitt Street and Waterloo. There will even be new metro platforms deep under Central Station. And we’ll be improving 11 existing stations on a 123-year-old railway line that will become part of the new metro railway. Stations you may already know, like Dulwich Hill, Campsie and Bankstown. Why are you changing the Bankstown line to metro? Near Sydenham Station lots of railway tracks merge together, causing delays for trains heading into the city, which can lead to people being late for school and work. Making this a metro line clears the delays, so people can spend less time travelling and more time doing the things they love. How is metro different to other train networks? Inside the trains you can see from one end to the other, through all six carriages. There’s live electronic maps showing you where you are and there’s a green light above the door to tell you on which side the doors will open. The metro trains, which can go up to 100km and hour, arrive every four minutes each way in the mornings and eveings, when the station are the busiest. The Metro is fully accessible, which means there’s lifts at every station and the platforms are the same level as the trains. There’s also new technology like screen doors on the platforms, which only open when the train arrives so nothing can fall onto the tracks. Will Sydney Metro trains replace Sydney Trains like the Waratahs and Tanagarahs? No, Sydney Metro ruins alongside the Sydney Trains network we have today. We’re bringing more trains to Sydney. Where do the metro trains go home at night? All the trains need somewhere to be serviced and cleaned. Metro trains are kept and maintained at the Sydney Metro Trains Facility at Rouse Hill, and soon at a new facility at Marrickville near Sydenham Station. The whole metro train network is operated from Rouse Hill, and trains start and end their day here at Sydney Metro headquarters. Remember, you can take a ride on the new Sydney Metro in the north west right now. And Sydeny Metro City & Southwest will open in 2024. To find out more ask your parents to go online and visit and you can tell them all about Sydney Metro – Australia’s biggest public transport project. See you soon on Sydney Metro. [Music]

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