Swim with Dolphins at Dolphin Quest – Conservation through Education

For many many years
pretty much all zoos and aquariums had some form of education.
We wanted to have something that was much more interactive in fact personal
interactive educational experiences are at the very foundation of what we set
out to accomplish. If you have a live animal right there in front of you there is really no substitute. There’s no way a video or a book or a movie or anything else can give you the same experience the same depth of education at all
levels, not just gaining knowledge but having some affective experience with
them. Our trainers, our animals, our guests, the schoolchildren that come, our community. Everyone is learning and experiencing in a visceral kind of way. It’s really got to be a holistic kind of experience. All of our programs at Dolphin Quest, every one of them, is interactive. Interactive with the animals
and even if it’s a classroom program its intended to be interactive where the
students are actually doing something. Education is really at the core of the
values of Dolphin Quest. I consider it the heart of Dolphin Quest.

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