Swansea University: Research Excellence

To do what we’re trying to do requires
massive ambition. It requires a lot of drive and determination. We’re looking for
opportunities all the time to try and make a difference and being connected to the international community is a big part of that. The Bloodhound project was
launched back in 2008, with this grand mission in engineering terms of taking
the land speed record to 1,000 miles per hour. The bigger vision for the project is to use this project to inspire a whole new
generation from all over the world to learn from our expertise so we can
learn from what’s going on in the countries they come from, and we can
build an international network of students and research. Everything from
how to convert buildings into being their own power stations and water
filtration problems in the developing world. Swansea University is a dual campus
University so everything that you’re going to need as a student is on one of
two campuses so that’s your social life, your academic life, all your studies can all be done within a campus. Location is fantastic so we’re just three hours on
the train west of London but where we are is much quieter, we’re right on the
coast in a beautiful area all of those things combined make it a great place to
be as an international student. The kind of problems the world is facing are
global problems we need global solutions to those which means that we need to
collaborate internationally. I’m really interested in producing research that
has a tangible benefit to people particularly in third world countries. I became quite interested in how insects transmit tropical diseases and this in
turn can prevent the insect from transmitting disease. In the news at the
moment is the Zika virus and that’s what we’re most interested in Swansea has got
a really nice research ethos you can go to seminars on how to develop your
managerial skills, or your research skills, technical skills and the other
thing that I really like in Swansea is there’s a lot of interdepartmental
collaboration and you can progress with your with your research a lot faster. Our goal here at Swansea University is to see all our students achieve their potential so we’ve got a lot of support
systems across the University from pastoral care to employability support through to the student union and my hope
would be that all students leave Swansea University feeling like I did everything
that I could to enjoy myself and the develop as a person.

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