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you know I'm just looking at my parasol my parasol it was the 80s give me a break we were married 37 years ago this summer can you imagine that caramel it's gone fast it sure has I was just trying to think if I was married back then with the knowledge that I have with all my nails what nails would I create maybe and I've got a couple of other really fun things to tell you about one thing Karimun and I used to do before we started filming nails is we filmed weddings I loved it it wasn't you know the best thing for Karen man cuz he was doing television and stuff but I loved filming weddings and I loved doing nails for the brides I had so much fun so it made me reflect on my own wedding day and guess what I still have can you believe that 37 years later and I still even have the box that it came in this was an old story that's now closed downtown Victoria ah never thought when I bought it I would be showing you guys this so this is my wedding dress so you can see it's off-white it wasn't a white color I just felt my skin tone look better in that but uh okay so obviously I'm not the same body type that I was years ago but it's a very forgiving style I'll show you some pictures Karen man will insert some pictures it's a bit of a princess style I think it's called but you know I'm bigger everywhere let's see if I can get back into it I'm probably gonna regret this I'm sure of it hmm oh where was the 18 year old in me Maui I probably should have had more of a tank top thingy but that's not a good look for me anyway okay well hobbie really can't stand up in it ooh did you hear pop herself oh that's probably not good oh my goodness oh sit back down Susie well I can get into it but I can't do it up in the bag that's not gonna happen but you know what I can get into I can still get into my wedding at oh yeah look at that Oh what was I thinking well I'm really proud of myself I can get into the Hat oh oh yeah look check this out you guys these work gloves like I say it was the 80s right these were little blows even get into the gloves please let me get into the gloves okay oh yeah look at that mm-hmm got into the gloves anybody do it up it's got tiny little snap but this is pretty I like this maybe I should try to wear it for the video oh and look at this camera and get a look at this there's only one what happened to the other one oh I actually got my foot in that do you know that feet okay well that's it there's the other glove well that was fun okay so if I was gonna do my nails back then I loved the off-white color I've always loved that kind of it's not really quite champagne but it's a little bit it's not really an off-white it's cuz I've in between even more of that it's kind of hot I think I should get out of this okay I'll tell you it's easier getting out of that thing than getting into it okay I'll put that in there for another 37 years hey Kenny man yeah me believe I kept that wow that's great yeah where's the cake a cake yeah oh yeah well you had that in the freezer for a while I threw that thing out it was horrible I was sitting on my phone okay so if I did my nails years ago I definitely would have gone with a off-white soft color and that's what I've done but as I pick an accent color we did that back then as they do now but I also want to tell you something really really exciting I designed and collaborated a new plate with clear jelly Stamper let me open it up and show you I love the Victorian era I love the clothing the style the aesthetics everything except I wouldn't want to be back then to get my teeth done that would be horrible that would be painful because they don't have good dental but anyway I side direct I designed this plate with clear jelly Stamper and I absolutely loved it it turned out beautiful so this is also the launch video for my magazine cover and that's what I thought I'd do for the June kind of wedding covers and this goes very nicely with it my free digital magazine has been so much fun to create I focus on articles for everyone from the protec to doing nails at home for example storytime with Susie where I talk about having my nail studio at home while raising my children speaking of children meet Blakely one of my favorite little clients a five-year-old is a very different type of client I share important tips to make sure this appointment is a success have you ever wondered what your nail style is well the nce team has a quiz just for you many of you are fabulous artists in Susie submissions we feature some creative design submitted by NCE viewers my digital magazine is for everyone you can find it at nail or click on the card above so if I was getting married back then or even today I would pick a color that would complement my dress or the tones of and then I'd pick an accent color which I did and now I'm gonna stamp some pretty designs on here that I've collaborated I really like these cameos I think and the lace mmm okay let's have some fun one thing I love about this company and their plates is they give you a diagram on the back of it to show you what the end result could be especially because we're dealing with layering so let's take the Cameo for example you can see the cameo here and you can see how there's three different layerings right so if you flip it over which is the stamp itself so you can see the three layers and then I can choose on this side here you can see the little figures that I can stick inside so let's leave those together first I'm going to take whenever you get a plate there is going to be a film on it that you do want to take off just you got to find the edge right and then you just kind of peel it off UV lamps to has just to yeah Wow admit it mics didn't like that so I am going to do this cameo on an accent finger now this is the accent color but I'm gonna do the Cameo on this finger now I am wanting to show you this collection as well this is called what is it called the antique collection and it's got a color in here specifically I'm gonna steal this one here now the reason why this is so exciting for me is because whenever you're creating art and stamping and you're working with gels and paint colors you want them to match because it creates a beautiful harmony and I actually didn't know that this company did that and I was desperately looking for this color which is the gel color which is this one so the colors I have in my nails are the gel colors and then when I opened up the antique it and they had this exact same color that means I can stamp this color on these two fingers and have the accent colors on the opposite and it's just all matches and goes in harmony I was very excited about that it's the little things right so with this cameo I am going to do the dots in dark and I think I'm going to do that in the lighter and again this other teal this matches look at that beautiful it's so important when you're working on design so I am just going to put down the circle first and I'm gonna pick it up mm-hmm just if you just pick up the the overflow you might say okay now I'm just gonna stamp it let me put this here place it because this is clear which is a lovely thing I can see right through I'm gonna press the whole design right onto my nail and just hold it for a sec and let it transfer basically what you're doing there we go okay now I'm gonna go to a different color I'm gonna go to the darker gray for the dice [Applause] just pick up those dots so adorable so cute not using that right now okay so let's do the cameo inside I'm gonna choose the female form there's so many little things we could actually put in there there's the guy head of course there's some roses there's even a little bird that's carrying a key and there's even a couple of keys in there I mean we could put a lot inside there but I'm gonna put like a traditional cuz you know this is old-fashioned where's my picker-upper okay I'm just gonna nicely pick that up Oh ah okay I'm gonna place for right in the center there Oh so it don't it's just too cute now I do want to do my finger is not as big to be able to accommodate it but you see this one here I do want to get that in there I'm gonna try it anyway with the white it's sort of a beauty I might lose a bit on the sides but we'll get the gist of it I just got to have it I know I'm kind of doing over every single stamp but I really like this well that's why I designed it cuz your baby yeah I like the Victorian thing this I gotta get it right cuz if I screw it up I gotta meet you oh that is adorable oh I'm so glad I did it it looks lazy oh it's so cute – adorable okay I'm gonna do some more I'm a sucker for lace I'm probably rare breed but this lace is really pretty I'd like that Victorian lace it's very delicate I love this because I'm able to use remember the opposite color I told you about the harmony of the colors that's what I'm going to use so here's the lace one I'm just gonna pick the edge because obviously my favorite is not that big gently swipe it and I'm going to be very particular where I put it just picking up the little bits because sometimes they hit some of the other patterns and you just want to get rid of it but I love to see this how this lace is gonna go on top of this nail let's see how it harmonizes with the other color I love that I know that seems like a such a small thing but when you're stamping all the time that's hard to find if you don't get the color to match right it throws the whole design off drives you nuts I can't wait to talk code this this is adorable now this is not a sponsored video but I have to tell you that's what I'm all about is giving you techniques and telling you about products that make your nail world easier and why I like clear jelly stampers Stamper is because it's totally clear look at that that is crystal clear and the reason why that's great is because you can line it up and then she brilliantly thought of doing the layers which i think is fantastic and then to me putting polish in a little tiny bottle I'm not gonna use a big giant I'd much rather have a bunch of little tiny bottles with the high pigments that I want then a whole bunch of bigger bottles cuz they cost more right I just love the whole system so I am going to know I love that that turned out absolutely gorgeous be careful I don't swipe away my design on my other hand it is easier working on someone else of course but I'm glad I'm going to be sporting these for a while okay so now I'm trying to think of the other designs I do want to show you the bird one and I gotta tell you the chair is absolutely adorable but it's not really a wedding motif so I will put it on my thumb maybe I'll do that now here's where the layers come into play see that you got the solid bird the wings on top so let's put the solid bird underneath it came up okay so I'm gonna stamp that beautiful bird right there hold it let it transfer and then release and be happy be very very happy I've done stamping where I've been so frustrated that in a chair where the client wins and we were going at the stamping and it just wouldn't some would work in someone who's driving me crazy and I just we had to give it up actually we were so frustrated but that's what I love about this system I can count on it every single time makes your life easy and I'm going to pick up the definition of those feathers in that bird swipe it pick it up now I'm lining up my wings with my bird now sometimes I'll literally I don't know if this is what I supposed to do it but this is what I do sometimes I line up one wing see how I did the one wing on one side and then I'll line up the tail cuz the jelly will move a little then I'll actually bend it a little and fit that that worked really well did you guys catch it look at that there is a little tiny bird though and I think I've gotta have to put it on there it is too cute we'll just do it the dark color I think so you can see it and it's also got a little key it's a little baby bird just a little weed one and I'm just gonna sort of put it right here oh I am gonna do the key in the darker color because because it's so tiny it might not really see it if I doing a different color so let me just do that key so the bird looks like it's carrying the keys so I'm just putting it an angle oh okay let's finish the other wedding nails when we press it in there and let it sit sometimes I'll rock it a little bit I'm sure it transfers right away I'm just getting paranoid oh I'm sure music it just feels you pick this guy up that don't like nothing right in there picker-upper I hope I line that up good those are so vintage wedding I love it the thumb does not suit it I'm tempted to take it off and it is it's adorable let's take it off eh so with this layering effect I don't have to use the layering and any of them actually I can just use the top layer or the bottom if you like it but in this one I am going to use it and I'm going to use the bottom layer being the tan let's scrape that up it's kind of an off-white very pinky white actually that's a lacy parasol okay let's bring it all to life now with a topcoat can't beat that can we okay so cute okay I'm gonna nuke that up and then I'm gonna clean up the edges and let's take a look at our wedding photos well I can say that um I can fit into my wedding outfit and I just won't mention the dress part but I could I could do this it won't be a waste if I cut it up maybe I could maybe I don't cut it up it's just like where does a really nice old-fashioned shawl or maybe a drape and we can make it at extreme anyway I loved my wedding dress thank you for joining me you guys and I hope you enjoyed my magazine cover I love it and my new collaboration plate with clear jelly Stanford thanks for joining us so I'll catch you guys in the next video

25 thoughts on “Suzie's Victorian Wedding Nails”

  1. Put your wedding dress in the background on a mannequin form!! That would be so cute and it would have new life !!

  2. Suzy omg I am a Victorian lover too!! So beautiful soft and feminine! Congrats on 37 years that's not common anymore. I married my best friend in my 30s. We been together 13 years I look forward to 50 more 😁 love u Suzie💜💙

  3. How is it I’ve been watching her for a couple years and never imagined her being Mrs cameraman 👰🏻🥰

  4. WOW! I had no idea cameraman is your hubby! 😉👍 and that you're only 4yrs older than me! My wedding dress was also VERY lacey..big shoulder pads..and big hair… and a much much tinier waist🤬😂😂 too… ahhhhhh the 80's… I'd give anything to go back for just a day♡lol
    When your video started I almost thought you were gonna do neon nails.. we used to a lot of stripes & polka dots back then

  5. Hi Suzie, first of all; you are a real inspiration for me! I learned a lot from you. But I might have a little tip for you. You can use a lint (sticky) roller to clear your stamper and get rid of parts of the design you dont want to get on your nails. This way you don’t have to use your own thumb nail to get rid of it. Don’t know if its a usefull tip for you but it works perfect for me! xox

  6. U were stunning in ur pic with camera man would let us see him I bet reason why u cart fined other shoes u were Cinderella camera man prince ask camera man he may have it x

  7. Well, no more guessing how old U mgt b for us. Lookn Great & the Dress & attire was still Grand 37 years later. 😇👍
    Happy Anni to U & "📷" Man!!! 🔐

  8. I like to keep my nails just barely past the end of my finger tips and rounded instead of almond or pinched. Is it possible to get acrylic put on to accomodate that or do i really have to go longer than i am comfortable with or is functional for me?

  9. I've never understood how the dobber thing doesn't also pick up the streaks that are left after swiping the card

  10. Absolutely love your wedding nails!!
    I’m a newbie with very small hands and I was wondering if you could recommend a good e-file for me? I’m just starting out and the e-file I trained with is just so bulky!
    Thanks a mil 😊

  11. How do I order your nail kit I’m learning and want to see how much it is being a signal mom to see if I can afford it I just love your videos and want to try ur kit out

  12. Absolutely mad over anything victorian so you are not alone. I think the Victorian era was so feminine and beautiful. This is a gorgeous set!

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