Suzie tries the Aprés Gel-X Nail System

if you're having any issues with sculpting or shaping I might have some solutions for you I'm gonna show you the steps of the APRI gel X nail system I just want to thank a pre nails for sending me the kit I hand is sponsoring this video can't wait to dive in and see what's in here this kit is adorable it's got a little handle I love it actually okay let's see what's inside oh look at this tiny this is the officially the tiniest little gel lamp I have ever seen very cute and look at the underside okay so there's the top coat the extends gel which is what we're going to stick the tip with the primer and the dehydrator and a good file okay and here is the coffin long that is that's great that's what's gonna help are shaping big-time and we've got this little cord for the little lamp okay okay so that's handy that's a USB connector you have to have anything you just plug it in oh wow it's so cute that doesn't take up much room on the desk okay so like most kit boxes they are numbered and they go from thee which is always thought was weird the bigger size is number one and it goes up to ten which is the smallest size so we're gonna have to fit that I need me glasses okay so let's set that aside for a second and we're gonna take the file and I just gotta prep the nail get it all ready oh there is instructions in there let me grab that box again I always like to even though know how to do most of this stuff every company has their own little steps I'd like you to follow and you don't want to miss one because if you do it could make all the difference than in adhesion or it's just not wearing right for you so we're gonna leave those right there so it's they've got a nice little file here and one side is a hundred grit and the other side is 180 so I'm going to use the 180 side to prep the natural nail and you just ever so gently want to do that I would wash your hands first you can even clean the nail with some alcohol and then you want to start filing and you just want to buff up gently all over the natural nail I have done this beforehand with them all just prepping the nails getting the right to take my other nails off so I just prepped them already okay so I'll do that with all of them so the number one they want us to do is prep the nails prep method on natural nails you want to apply the pH Bhandar to the finger this is the pH Bhandar this is your dehydrator it's a non-acidic primer now when you put primers on as a general rule you wanna be careful not to over saturate the nail you just want to put it on the nail don't have to hit the skin or anything you don't want to do that at all actually so don't over set you don't want to just soak it into the root of the nail which is the matrix I was funny I just was thinking ahead where's my form that's how used to sculpting I am this is just taken all that work out of it for you you don't have to do any sculpting basically apply the thin layer of extend gel onto the fingernail now we're just gonna put a thin layer of this so I'm just gonna paint a really thin layer like a layer of nail polish kind of thin I wanna make sure I get all of the nail it's kind of on the fixed side which is good I suspect okay now you get to use this adorable little lamp here extend gel on the finger with the LED and cure it for 30 seconds okay that is a tiniest thing I've ever seen okay so that was 30 seconds but I see something I probably should have done was fit the tip first because I don't know if he can touch this I think you might be able to because fitting the tip is you know important that you know once you fit the tip right it's taken although and guess we're kind of it for you I'm usually around 6 7 and 8 so I'm going to just size this up here that looks pretty good I think that is for me this one finger is a bit bigger so if I size this yeah I think that's gonna work for me now I noticed the cuticle I'm so picky with sculpting cuticles so for me that's where a tip system like this a full-on tip is either gonna make or break it for me because I want the cuticle to be nice and flush when it grows out and when it goes on that's why I'm a little leery but this looks like it might be you want to be nice and thin and it looks not too bad at all and that's gonna fit me pretty good now one thing I do like about the tip I will say right out of the bat over the years like when they first came out they were just horrible but over the years they have perfected tips that has got a nice arch like a pinched look sometimes in the industry will pinch the nails a little bit like squeeze it together to give it a very natural look and this is just got a beautiful arch on it so I do like that I must say and as a sculptor I sculpt that in to every set that I do but is already there so I don't have to do it which is pretty cool okay so it does say though and I do know this it you will get better adhesion if it's roughed up a little bit so number six it says file the underside contact surface of gel exit tip so that's what we're gonna do now clearly we can't get this under here I mean you could try but that's nothing so I just got a little drill here I'm just gonna pick it up just file a little bit so I'm just gonna gently buff the underside with this so I would think it says just enough to cover the natural nail so just the part that's on the natural nail you don't want to be any longer than that and that's because you know you don't want to see that roughed up version you see a chance to to file that cuticle area a little bit thinner which is what I have troubles with when it comes to tips and that'll make trouble doing it I mean that I don't like it because the cuticle area can be thicker and that's what you can get when you're really good at sculpting you can get it so it's nice and smooth right so I don't have to deal with that on tip so this way I can sort of file it a little bit make it just a little bit smoother I kind of like that idea okay put this down okay now I've done that so I am going to now apply the extend gel enough to cover what I think estimating on my natural nail so you have to put that amount inside the tip because then we're going to slap it on the index finger so we need to apply approximately this length so if I put this on here like this so I need to apply a product that's almost up to here because that's how long my not shall nail bed is I don't want to do too much though because I don't want it to squirt up the underside which I could paint it away I suppose okay so that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna paint some of the extend gel right in there this is a soft gel to you guys so you can soak this right off when you're finished with it which is a bonus okay I'll make sure that there's no bubbles in there the tip isn't coming off this is actually using the gel to adhere to my nail to keep the tip on there okay so the advice is when you press it on you want to press out the bubbles putting it on to my natural nail pressing it down now I've got to get it under the light this is the hard part when you're just doing it yourself right so I'm gonna get the light over here keep your thumb down pressed on the gel nail I'm gonna turn the light on now and I'm gonna press my finger on it yeah that looks pretty good I'm gonna stick it under there it says 4 into the mini light for 10 seconds then I can probably remove my finger and I have to rotate it so it catches it everywhere five six seven eight nine ten letting go now I am gonna just clean up because I don't like that it squirted out all around there I mean it like that okay turn that little guy on now I'm going to kind of just roll it back and forth a little just gonna rotate it I will say you kind of don't want this the product to squirt out because it gets on to your finger if that happens over and over and over over a long period of time you can you can doesn't mean you will get allergic – it's called contact dermatitis if you keep touching the product over and over look at the arch on that it's beautiful so after you've done that you want to cure the whole hand for 30 seconds in an LED which means you will have to do this little light each finger for 30 seconds well it is beautiful and I don't have to shave it I'm only concerned about that cuticle what it looks like when it grows out that looks really pretty okay so I'm going to go ahead and put all the other ones on there okay so I will say because you have to press with a certain amount of pressure to release the bubbles under there you want bubbles but it does squirt a little bit as a product out onto the cuticle which to me again remember my pet beat that's why I like sculpting cuz I can make it super smooth but I could just spend a little time smoothing the cuticles maybe that's what I'll do but I have to say that it looks really pretty that way and it's got a beautiful perfect coffin shape I don't have to do nothing to it now one could say well if you put less product between having enough product on there not to have bubbles and not too much product to actually squirt out you'd have to be like so perfect at that and I suppose you would get better after you did especially one hand over and over and over you would get that estimation would probably be pretty right on okay I'm gonna go ahead and tip all the rest okay so what I am gonna do is push the product away from the cuticle a little bit so it's not at the cuticle I'm even holding it up this way a little bit so the product can just fall a little bit and I don't have so much of a concentration of product these are the things I'm learning as I go and I'm going to push and start at my cuticle and I'm going to lean in and force the product to not flow out my cuticle but to flow toward the end of my nail okay I'm getting better as I do it I'm going to size this one one thing I did notice my cuticle is a little bit narrower than then some of these tips so I think I'm just going to take this and see if I can do this miles we'll see what we can do I'm just gonna narrow it a bit because my cuticle area is a little bit on this particular fingers a bit narrower let's see if that fits me a bit better yeah a lot better okay but there's some dust in there so I try to get rid of it it's just the tip okay now I'm gonna file it out again and I'm kind of leaning the drill back a little bit to sort of pin that cuticle area out a little bit it might work to my advantage I think getting dust all over my cute little black light the reason why I'm showing this to you guys is because anybody can buy this and it is made very simple it's taken a lot of the work out of it for you but that's why I'm showing you two because there's still a few things you got to do to get the maximum out of its look it's pretty cool so don't forget rotate your finger over rotate the lamp one of the two it's just to get all sides because the way this light is set it's only one light inside the whole thing a lot of lamps will have lights on the sides to capture the side but this light does not it just has the one so by rotating it it's making that you can gear all the way around and you just want to do that for 10 seconds because we're still gonna do a 30 second cure at the end okay one more finger and I'm just it's a little pinky that's a tiny one I think that's all I can eat yeah looks like that'll fit you're gonna really press it in sometimes again the cuticles a little fatter than my cuticle is so if you want to just sort of custom do it a little bit you can just just turn off the side a little bit just try to fit it this is what you call custom tips a tips are very the product is very easy to file I believe the tips is made out of gel – so it's not plastic it's actually made out of a gel okay so I was gonna get the gelatin fluffy inside again you don't have a girl you could try to get a spongy piece of file and try to shove it up in there I've seen tools at the hardware store around files not meant for nails they can get in there bad cameraman you do not buy stuff at the hardware store for your nails you know how many of my students have said that their husband he was so sweet he went down to the hardware store bought them a dremel that is like so bad never do that that's very nice if the husband's to want to do that they do you think oh I can get you a tool no problem I got a tool for you those things are made for like wood and metal work not for not for organic nails okay for me the big deal is the cuticle area now with the system like this you really can't compare it to a nail technician it has a lot of experience to try to hit all these marks something is going to have to sacrifice so we've got some sculpted nails right under the gate that's already done for you the shaping is already done which is two of the most very hardest things to do which is shaping and sculpting to perfection that's all taken care of for us so the cuticle is in issue right now I got to tell you if I polish these they're going to look beautiful where are you gonna see a little bit of a problem is when it grows out a little bit but you could just take a file you could do it now even and just soften the cuticle a little bit now I'm gonna want to rough these up a little bit too because I'm gonna want to put a color on them so all you have to do is just try to get in there and soften that cuticle the extra gel that's kind of squished out you could simply try to file that now what do you do when they grow out right you get these beauties on you polish them up they're gonna look great but a couple weeks and they start to go away from the cuticle if you don't know how to sculpt them and put all that stuff in there and fill it that's why these come in handy you can soak them off once you soak them off you clean up your nail and you just reapply exactly how I showed you just now pretty cool okay so I am going to buff up the cuticle make sure that they're nice and flush so I'm just cleaning up the cuticle that's my pet peeve I just like a nice smooth cuticle you can do this with a hand file I'm just doing with the ease of a of any fun okay so now I'm just gonna finish buffing the surface of the whole thing and to put some gel polish on them and we'll check out those reveals shot well I must say that is one quicker way or if you don't have the skills to get a beautiful coffin nail but I just cleaned up the cuticles a little bit and that took care of the problem that I had a concern with but the shape is beautiful and they have lots of shapes to check on their website you can get this is the coffin one but they have lots of different other shapes which takes a lot of the work out of it for you I want to thank a pre nails for sponsoring this video and if you're interested in creating this beautiful set of nails you can find the links below thanks for joining me in this video and I'll catch you guys in the next one

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the Aprés Gel-X Extension Kit is available to Pro's and DIY'ers 😀:

  2. I luv this product,, I’ve been waiting for some good quality tips,, This would be even better if they have smaller tips

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  10. gel extensions and acrylics usually break on me/lifts in about 2 weeks while these apres nails lasted me 6 and probably more had i not gotten them redone! i say 6 weeks with absolutely no breaks or cracks on them whatsoever(: they make nail sessions so much shorter as well and i am super sold on them! hope this helps for whoever is skeptical about its strength and durability 🙂 theyre also really light and natural,not thick like some acrylics or gel extensions could be

  11. How do you keep your nails in such good condition when using acrylics ? Cause my nails always get so fragile and spilt after I use them xx

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