Suzie Tries Dual Forms / Popits

Hi, I’m Suzie, besides my great guest Liz today, I have got dual forms! (intro music) Let’s get started! (intro music) First I’d like to introduce my guest. I decided to have a guest today because it’s a little easier to do a new product on someone rather than yourself. I just get to work out the buns before I do it on me (laughs). Liz: Thanks! Liz is a great friend she’s also a really great client I’ve been doing her nails for, oh we were talking about this the other day, a very long time Liz: very long time Both :yeah Liz knows nothing about this. I’ve been sculpting acrylic nails on Liz for years, so this for us is very different. This is fascinating. I’ve been watching the YouTube comments and YouTube videos about dual forms, and I’m super excited to try this Liz: me too this could be a game changer, you don’t even know what you’re in for let me show you so Bio-Swift sent this to me, I did not pay for it they did not sponsor me for this I am excited to use it and I’m excited to show you guys and give you my honest opinion (crash) Liz: perfect Liz loves that. I’ve been doing that for Liz for years (laughing) Liz: love it okay, so I have a lovely little gel brush and I love shiny things, that’s pretty packaging Liz: that is nice packaging. Oop. There it goes very pretty. This is the gel. I suspect that’s a clear gel and these are the dual- (grunting) forms now there’s 140 in here and they’re all different sizes so I have, let me see your hands Liz, I’ve removed the acrylics off of Liz’s hands so we have to size these first so these are very different looking. These are not tips even though they kinda look like tips these are forms, they’re not tips and I’m gonna get a big one so you can see it almost look like a little caterpillar (laughing) it looks so funny, doesn’t it? okay, so I would imagine these lines are created for so you can pop it off okay, so, we have to size it for each and every finger so let’s do that okay, let’s see your thumb, Liz so I would suspect because of the way this would be designed we wanna make it a little bit bigger than her thumb this is giant so let’s get a few down a little bit further so just remember the number 12 though should be this way and this is your cuticle side and that is a little bit bigger, I think that’s too big and this is a 11 now it’s, like I say I suspect it’s gonna have to be a little bit bigger and I need to have to come to the side, I would suspect this is all new territory I’ve never done this before, truth Liz: me too I’m gonna try that, I’ll learn as I go whether that’s gonna work or not but let’s try that okay so I have prepped Liz’s nails, I’ve completely taken off all the acrylic and from what I understand, there’s no primer needed, you can go right from the gel product to the natural nail, so that’s what we’re going to do so here’s the beautiful jar and I’ll just take this off Liz: maybe maybe I hate these things, they’re so hard to get off good to have a pair of nippers around I mean it’s good that they’re there cause the gel would be everywhere, but they are a pain to remove- here we go it’s nice to see this, it does not look like a really runny gel, which is good cause I don’t wanna deal with that I’m not gonna throw that (laughing) it’s, I’ll throw it and it’ll stick to something Liz: right to the wall yeah so this gel needs to be applied to this first Liz: ooh that’s gonna be weird, eh? Liz: that is weird so because I’m a nail technician I understand that there has to be a lot of structure going on in here and I believe that’s why these forms are shaped with this kind of well in them, like a, like a cradle like a hammock because we want the product to sit inside there because that’s gonna be creating the apex, the arch, everything that we need for structure cause if we just painted a really thin layer on there, and we just slap it on, we might as well just paint nail polish on her fingers, it’s not gonna give her any strength so we need to have that, that’s why this well is created for us (calm music) okay, let’s put this in here now because this is gel, there’s no rush but we do wanna get it right back to this area here so let’s get it in there yeah it’s not runny at all which is great (calm music) we don’t want it to be too thick near the cuticle because one of the things us nail technicians pride ourselves on is that smooth transition from a natural nail at the cuticle area to the acrylic or gel but one thing we do want to make sure that the product is right up against this form because if we pop it over and then remove it if there’s any bubbles, you’re gonna see that and the whole point is we’re trying to avoid filing on the top so we’ve gotta make sure that this is completely no pockets Liz: that’s pretty cool actually it is, isn’t it, Liz? Liz: and then you can make em as long as you want or as short yeah Liz: huh I haven’t even go to the idea of what shape we should do, I mean you’ve been doing almond lately, haven’t we? Liz: yeah we bounce back and forth depending on- Liz: your mood (laughing) Liz is one of my favorite clients also her personality but another great thing is because she just comes in and says ‘do what you want’ so I get to play and do what I want so that’s why I thought you’d be great for this, because you’re up for anything Liz: I am, I was excited to see what you had yeah I didn’t even tell Liz, Liz knows nothing about this now Liz is not a nail technician but she understands the process so I knew she would find this rather intriguing so I wanna make sure I go right to the sides of this form because if I don’t I don’t wanna add, that’s the whole idea, we don’t wanna add now keep in mind, I’ve never done this before one thing I will say is if I did this again, I would not work with clear because it’s too hard really to see where it really all is, I would uh probably put a bit of color in there one day like a beige or- Liz: so you can get this in different colors? gels? yeah I don’t want this form in a different color, but I certainly would want the product in a different color so I can see so I’m not actually quite sure how much I should put in this well part, but I’m gonna add more because I feel like if it’s my structure I gots to have it in there so the first one I’m sure I’m gonna make lots of boo boos I’m gonna squish it onto the nail so maybe I shouldn’t have so much in there oh so many questions I’m gonna scoop a little bit out (laughing) Liz: well the first one should be interesting yeah we’ll see how fast I learn (laughing) okay, because this is gel, we’re in no hurry now I’ve seen people do this with acrylic which floored me because I really thought the acrylic would stick to this form and wouldn’t be able to pop it off and I really thought that because of the time frame you couldn’t so I’m gonna make this edge a little bit smooth that little frayed edges, but I think it’s still gonna be frayed, anyway let’s move along, let’s just commit okay here’s the moment, Liz (laughing) we’re gonna, yep, we’re gonna flip this over and squish it onto her finger ppphhhlllttt maybe not we’re gonna, we’re gonna flip this over okay, here we go I’m gonna put it over like this and I’m going to start at the cuticle, cause if I put it right squishy down, I think it’s gonna go ppppfffflllltttt all into your cuticle, and me no want that so I’m gonna start in the cuticle on an angle like that, I don’t know if that’s right, but I’m gonna and then I’m gonna slowly bring it d- ooohh I can see it see how it’s kind of going on your nail, we can see it? okay, let’s pretend I know what I’m doing okay now because this is gel, I need to just sit it there oh boy okay so one thing I can see right off if I look sideways, it doesn’t look like I have a lot of arch so my anticipation is I didn’t put enough product in there so I’m gonna just take a little bit more and I think I went too long too I am gonna put more in here because I think that’s what it needs for the arch area I could be wrong, we’ll find out I can only learn by my mistakes I’m a big advocate of making mistakes Liz: well that’s how you learn it is how you learn, isn’t it? okay, so I’m going to again try and make it like that at the cuticle now I may be causing bubble issues because Liz: because how do you know where to put that if you don’t know where it fits on your nail? that’s right okay so I see a little bit of gel oozing out the side and I am just going to wipe it because that’s gonna nuke okay okay, nuke it! so I think we’ll nuke it for 60 seconds and then I saw the Bio-Seed video, where they said you turn it upside down and nuke it again okay oh this is really different, eh? Liz: it is when you’ve done something for so long one way and then to shake it up even if it’s better or not it just is so different, but I’m, I kind of think it’s neat, I think it’s a neat idea so I think what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna do one nail at a time because if I don’t I’m gonna make maybe the same mistake for every single finger so I think I’ll take this off and then file it and see what I did wrong that I can improve for the next one okay, let’s get a look okay let’s rock it, you’re supposed to squeeze it and rock it a little and it should pop off, and it did okay so I can see when I popped that off the little holes and gaps that I had missing, look at that now I don’t know if you can see that, but I can certainly feel it it’s horribleness so I’m gonna fill it in because we can’t have that and see if I can get better for the next one so I’m just gonna pop this gel in there and fill those little crators (calm music) I don’t have any on the other side, it’s pretty solid on the other side it’s pretty good so some reason, somehow, I missed that one side Liz: maybe that was just when it- took it off it might have been, I just did, yeah because it’s clear, I can’t see it as well so maybe that was why so let’s nuke that, but I’m gonna file that bad boy up and see how it shapes and see how what else I might have missed before I make the same mistake through all of them and hopefully the parts that I pick out that I do right I can continue to work on that so there’s a bit of stick to it, so I am going to remove what might be on there and like I said, I do want to file this up right away to see what things I did right and see what I did wrong I’m gonna close this I’m a freak about closing stuff so I don’t get the dust filings in there okay, so I got me file we did go long, so I went way too long on that so I’ll shorten that up when I’m filing such a super long nail, I would hold the client’s nail bed like that really tight because if you let it go like that, it can really hurt so just hold it tight you know and it feels like a good enough arch now the whole idea of this thing is not to file the surface as in shaping you wanna file it a bit to put the gel polish but you just don’t wanna file the surface, and the reason why I had a little bit bigger of a tip to make sure I do bring it right to the sides I want to, if I did it that it fit right in there the gel could go pffllltt right out and just kinda smush it and you don’t want that the whole thing we want is a really smooth cuticle in there and I can see, you know what I did wrong this is not happy in here, there’s a whole gap right in here and that’s because when I put it in the tip, I suspect it wasn’t all the way in there I couldn’t really see it because it’s clear if this was a darker color a pink or something it would be a lot easier to see so let’s see if I get better the second time around I’ve got to really watch but I have to say there’s not a whole lot of filing, if you get your placement of this perfect there’s very little filing very little filing and you’re just shaping and you’re not filing the surface when you file the surface, you’re literally just getting a file that is just a gentle buffer and that would be just to put your gel polish on, just for the gel polish to grip now I was gonna do nail polish so there’s no need to do this but now that I’ve got that big gap in there, I’ve gotta figure out a way to fill that let’s try another finger see if I can get better okay so now it’s all about sizing what a neat way to do it, I mean it could really- see that if you really got the hang of this, you could just like pop, pop, pop, pop Liz: this gel is very clear so the things that you could do with this yeah, different designs okay, now we’re gonna do an index, indexes are quite tiny at times so let’s see if we can fit that (calm music) now that fits quite perfect and that is a number 6 so let’s see if the 7 just one size up would be a little bit better just because it would have a bit more coverage this is a 7 so I put that in there like that I feel more confident that the 7 would be happier yeah I think so okay, let’s see if I can do a better job (calm music) okay so the number is on the end and this is the cuticle end gonna scoop that bad boy up (calm music) really make sure that it’s right pressed against that plastic cause as you can see when I did the thumb if there’s any pockets whatsoever that’s where this fails you so it’s gotta be pressed right up against this plastic and I won’t go so long this time I got a little carried away Liz: first time it was just learnin’ yeah you know I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’m still learning there’s some neat things that are coming out, you gotta learn how to do it (calm music) I actually wish this was a different color so I could see it a bit better But this one looks like I haven’t got any pockets remember I went back and I added? remember that, I wasn’t sure if I got enough arch in there, so I’m glad I did because definitely needed it I’ll do this one a bit shorter see it’s really hard to tell Liz: it is (laughing) cause it’s so clear, right? okay Liz: I guess it’s better to have too much than not enough? I guess but then again it might squirt out the sides and well it’s better to squirt out the sides and remove it I suppose than have to fill it right? cause you’re just going backwards really but I just can’t really tell how much of a how much is in that well and I don’t know if another color would help that at all- there’s a bubble there, I don’t like that (calm music) it’s one of those things that’s kind of like a feel, right? you just- the more you do it, the better we get (calm music) I think this one might be better you can see it attaching right onto the nail (calm music) okay, nuke it (calm music) so we’ll do 60 seconds and then we turn it upside down and do another 60 seconds Liz: and then how would you do something that is like a French? or a- like with multi colors? Liz brings up a great question what about if a client wants French? when we do a French, we precisionly put it custom to the person’s nail so I do a Fren- I can’t do a French and then bring it to you, and slap a French on everybody, it’s not gonna fit it has to be laid in a certain spot this is just a guessing game, if I put it in there on the plastic form if I put it in there pre and then try to put it on her, it’s probably not gonna line up I can’t imagine that it really would be a hit and miss, right? it’s probably would just be a guess Liz: I guess once you get playing with it more- yeah Liz: be coming out with different designs cause some people are doing glitters, I’ve saw, I’ve seen some people do it with it doing glitters and stuff okay so let’s pop that guy off so again it’s kind of a pinch and the reason why it’s pinching is because you’re taking the form and if it’s moving up a little bit, it’s popping off of the top of this part so we’re just gonna pinch and wiggle and it comes right off Liz: now that one was way better probably because we were more consistent, cause I was all freaked out about the gaps that I left and I was freaking out (laughing) but that worked very interesting, so the reason why I’m having such reservations about it, for me, is because I’m not convinced that we can get the cuticle as smooth as I want it to be it’s also a little concerning to me that every tip wouldn’t be able to fit to every client, I mean I guess though there’s 140 in here for me, um it’s yeah, I don’t know (laughing) my concern is that the cuticle is not gonna be as smooth as if I did it that I’ve actually sculpted it it took me a lot of years to learn how to do that if we can do it with this, that saves a lot of hassle it’s a lot of work but I’m not convinced that the cuticle area without filing it is gonna remain this smooth as what y’all want it to be like, when it grows out for you you can go sometimes 5 or 6 weeks Liz: yeah because they’re structurally built so strong and the cuticle is so smooth, but if that cuticle is like a little ledge like a little curb, it’s gonna drive you nuts Liz: uh yeah, it’ll get caught in the hair exactly and I don’t know if this is gonna be that smooth we’ll only know by the grow out so we’re gonna have to see you back here in a few weeks to see how these definitely grow out so I am going to again and again I don’t wanna touch the top, cause that’s the whole purpose of this is not touching the top it saves you all that work so if you get the placement absolutely perfect at the cuticle and the arch it certainly would save you a lot of work, which is one of the hardest parts nail technicians- a- any DIY, anybody doing nails has a tough time with is that cuticle, getting it perfectly flush and as close as we can so it really would be just practice in placing this down properly very interesting, wow it’s so smart, I wish I had thought of it (laughing) it would’ve saved me a lot of years of pulling my hair out (laughing) trying to learn how to do it Liz: but if you know the masters of everything from beginning to end, this will be easier you’re absolutely right so do you see this little gap? my finger literally just falls right in it here’s her cuticle here’s the giant ridge, now it’s giant cause it’s, we’re in the world of nails but I can literally fit my finger in it that’s what us nail technicians try to avoid right? but in all fairness to this product I believe that’s the way I placed it maybe I put it too thick near the cuticle it’s all in the learning curve so maybe you just need to angle the tip this way a little bit and than lay it down maybe I should do that for the next one, a little bit more carefully cause that’s a ledge we don’t want I can file that right now but that’s what we’re trying to avoid with this particular procedure so that maybe just in my technique of laying that tip down, so let’s see if I can get better at it now you can reuse these by the looks of it certainly you can reuse it on the same client so you’re gonna use it for another client, you’ll wanna sanitize these before you do that but I’m gonna use it for Liz here again and see if this one fits and I’m really gonna focus on my- this one’s a little bit too small for this so this one’s a 7 ummmm I’m assuming that, yeah the higher the number the bigger they are so let’s try this 8 now that does appear a little too big you’re inbetween when I do nails, I’m custom making my product to each and every client to each and every finger that’s shaped so different but maybe you can file these? all I’m finding is this part is just a little bit too maybe this is wrong, maybe the way it’s shaped I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m finding that it’s pretty good on most sides but just this one side for you is not working okay so I’m gonna try this I’m gonna go with this one Where’s me brush? Did you steal it? Liz: I did not (laughing) Okay, so I am going to concentrate on that cuticle area being much thinner cause that’s what I am griping about that’s my complaint. and I am not blaming the product that’s- obviously it’s the way I’m putting it in and I want to be able to do that properly I’m going to make this work before we’re finished! (laughing) Liz: well I’ve got three more fingers here yeah I should get it before we’re finished (laughs) the last finger That wouldn’t be very good – Suzie couldn’t do it. So I’m just sort of thinning it off of the cuticle area a little bit because I don’t want it to be really thick in there. I’m going to get my little arch and well in there I did better on the length in this one too! The thumb I was a little carried away. (calm music) I just want to make sure it gets all the way up to the sides. (calm music) and it’ll leave a bit in the center so I gotta focus on the cuticle what I’m gonna do, watch my brush here, I’m gonna do this I’m literally gonna go see how I just sorta taking it right off of the cuticle area so it can be as thin as I want it to be okay? let’s see if I can make that work now so then I’m gonna not flatten it this way, but maybe I’ll tilt it in a little bit and work my product this way to avoid the little ledge that I’m wining about cause I am wining, aren’t I Liz? Liz: just a little bit (laughing) okay I’m a little happier with that I think okay, nuke that bad boy! (laughing) well this is so interesting Liz: it does take a long time for the- well I’m learning too, right? so if I wasn’t learning this would go- Liz: I guess you could get them all ready, put them all on, and then nuke them all at the same time. Would that save time? the only thing is I’d be afraid of is that you would bump it and if you bump it, it would- Liz: that moves that’s a great question though I would do one and nuke it in between each and every one because I don’t think they would all sit there happily waiting for you especially when you’re going on the side and you’re trying to fit it and if you bump the towel or anything, it’s gonna knock it right off, then you have to reset it so that’s a good thought though and then we have to do it upside down, don’t we? 60 upside down it seems like a long time nuking you know what? if you were set up you could put two lights on either side of your table instead of wining (laughing) which we like to do Liz: you could be working on one hand we could be working on one hand, then she could be nuking that one and you work- you go back and forth Liz: that makes sense that’s what we do when we do gel that’s- it’s- it’s very, very efficient so it’s a good way to do it and that’s what we do, we’re just taking it step by step I’ve never done this before and I really wanted to break it down and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this stuff, it’s quite cool I like popping it off it is the fun part (laughing) Liz: well it comes off pretty easy it does! you just squish it a little and you can see it release, see that? and just pop it out okay I did better Liz: yeah that’s better yeah, so let me just show you, see if you can get a look at this camera man now see this? there’s my finger remember last time? I could fit it right in between, there’s a ledge you can hear it but this time very, very little ledge so I did a way better job and that’s what it’s about is- that was my biggest concern with what these when I saw them online and stuff is the cuticles, so just angle it this way and move it down that solved that problem Liz: yeah that’s what I was worried about Liz: each time gets better yeah, I’m getting better I’m learning! aren’t I? (laughing) Liz: learn something new every day yeah so it, it, it does have a sticky layer, you do have to remove that I’m also really concerned about the arch, is there enough in here structurally to help her through her next 4 weeks before she comes in, in between fills? I don’t know it feels pretty good it doesn’t look as high as I would like but Liz: and I don’t go easy on these things I know, you’re pretty rough on your nails cause you’re a mom, she’s a doer, she’s workin’, goin’ to school so yeah, well only time will tell okay so I’m gonna go ahead and finish up the rest of these and then we’ll check out the reveals (reveal music) so Liz and I were trying to figure out how long have I been doing her nails and I remember your daughter was about 3 and your son wasn’t even born yet Liz: he wasn’t Liz: um, but guess what? I have have a picture of him (laughing) let’s see this oh my goodness, now he’s 12 Liz: he is look how cute he is Liz: I’ve been coming to you for like 17 years before he was even a mention Liz: yep wow, that’s a long time, that’s really cool to see so Bio-Seaweed dual formed nails, you know it was a great experience, I’m really glad I did it for me I prefer my acrylic cause I know it so well I will say there was a couple of fingers I did fix the cuticle area, cause I did find it a bit rough probably my skill I am skilled at doing acrylic and for me, I’ll always resort to the acrylic, but if you’re having trouble with your liquid to powder, which is tough to do or even shaping this might be something to try we’re gonna see how long it lasts check back with me though Liz: you’ll be on my speed dial (laughing) I sure am already (laughing) Liz: you are that’s great, well thanks for joining us and we’ll keep updated with what’s going on with these nails, I’ll see you in the next video (outtro music)

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  32. I looked all over specially for your video tutorial, one of the best at how to's, specially for an idiot like me lol.

  33. maybe if you set the form aganst a dark background you may be able to see the clear gel a little better maybe

  34. They are hard to take off fair warning! Don't forget to cure for 60 seconds underneath. It took me forty-five minutes to take off one hand using cotton and aluminium wrap

  35. How long do these typically last? Are they durable? Im a mom of 2 and i use my hands alot what do you think would be a good option of false nails? I want something that'll last awhile.

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