32 thoughts on “Susan Nolan teaching an Orton Gillingham lesson with a dyslexic child”

  1. This is definitely an assessment/review, not a lesson. OG lessons have a lot of kinesthetic activities in them that are not shown here.

  2. My son learned like that way. Oa: boat,coat, road, load,coast,roast,boast,toast etc. ea words beat, neat, cheat etc. oi words: oil, boil,soil,coil, etc. se/ri/ous, se/ cret, si/lent, pi/lot, de/co/ra/tion. A kid draws pictures and say loudly. Fu/ri/ous, cu/ri/ous, etc. word families like ish words. Pol/ ish, a/bol/ish, van/ish, fin/ish etc. prefix pre, re, dis, de, etc. suffix like tion, ment ,ous, able, ible, etc

  3. I wish there was more Susan Nolan clips like this. I can only find limited ones. Based in Asia I am trying to learn more of how to support my son. Resources are limited or out of budget so this was so helpful and my son is very responsive to her style.

  4. This is very good. I would give this a 9/10. Teacher does a fantastic job of specifically showing what letters to use, My only criticism would be having a correct and incorrect pile visible to the student as you can see it causes the student to tense up a symptom of anxiety.I was especially impressed when the teacher asked what is most common/j/ sound. All in all fantastic job keep up the great work!

  5. Gives me ideas for my OG tutoring kids, and for small group activities in kinder class. Closed, open, silent e drill was something not taught in my OG training so this is great.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful explanation! It has gave a great orientation to help my child to improve her words while reading. Please show us more!

  7. Do you have a set of instructions to make the syllable cards or can they be ordered? Our centre has a pretty barebones budget so we would likely make them.

  8. Towards the end of the video at 9:57 the instructor uses syllable cards. Where can I get these?

  9. @AlexEverettmedia Would I be able to embed this video on our company blog with citation? Please let me know!

  10. I just completed an 80 hour OG course at the Fraser Academy in Vancouver. It was fabulous. Now I am using it to work with some of my students at school (I am a learning support teacher) and I am tutoring a student of a friend….amazing!

  11. I'm in my mid 20's (B.S Biology) and I failed a lot of most of these tests. I'm glad to start learning all over again :p

  12. wait if u add an extra at the end of the word that's when it changes what the FUCK when we're they going to tell me this ??????? to much to remember! !!!!###

  13. I'm watching this because I'm visiting a school for dyslexics tomorrow. I couldn't help myself rooting for the girl as she worked through her lesson! 🙂

  14. Dang that girl was going fast in the beginning. I'm in eighth grade and is would've had to think about how they should be pronounced. I'm still not sure if I have dyslexia or not tho.

  15. im dyslexic and i can spick french and yeah i can read and i can do my makeup on my own and i have good grads my grads are 7a im happy that i have dyslexic because and im just 13 years old my doctor said that dyslexic is normal and i don.t need too see her a gen im happy my dyslexic is getting better im improveing my problems my im not in the loow grop im in the high glop if people hate people with dyslexic go and fuck your seft

  16. This is great for reviewing what the child knows already. Particularly how to use silent magic e. This is a tricky concept for most kids but what a great way of allowing the child to show what she knows.

  17. Shame the little girl is writing the number 6 instead of b. If she was shown how to write it correctly that would have helped her discrimination.

  18. I am dyslexic and this is what my parents did to me to help me learn Greek and English , while the teacher at school was sticking to "read the hole word " method and when I was slow or made a mistake she'd scream stuff like " What's wrong with you and you cant be like the other kids!". Schools need more teachers like this lady over here! and probably this form of learning wouldnt benefit just dyslexic kids but everyone …

  19. I learned so much from this video on how to teach my children differently.  It is such an excellent example of OG.

  20. This teacher is great!  Perfect personality to make the children feel at ease during the sessions!

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