29 thoughts on “Survival skills: Primitive Life skills Catching Giant Fish by Hand & Cooking Technology Eating”

  1. More than enough for the two of you..is that the first time you caught a big one ? Thank-you for sharing your video a thumbs up for you both love all your videos you two just awesome couple

  2. Both the man and the woman are seen swimming in the waters of flowing river as it is the
    best way to freshen oneself so also to get energised . In the meantime they are also
    in the process of catching the fish as they could managed very well to lay their hands
    on a big fish , as they had to cut the fish in to pieces in order get it cooked . They are so
    anxious to get the work completed fast which they do and successfully managed to finish the job and now they are seen enjoying the fine taste of the fish , as it looked, even a fish
    of such a big size was not enough to fill their stomach.

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