38 thoughts on “Survival skills – Primitive cooking big fish for eating delicious”

  1. GirL: I waNna Look Good 😂😂 Fine dress..Nice HairTie ..diSaster Acting.
    Boy : I'm looking Good ,SounD sleep ..Act Insane..
    Camera Man : Okay Now ..Act like fOols 😂😂😂

  2. I like the way you wake him up , that's funny made my day..That's a big one , nice catch and you don't need a fishing rod..thank-you for sharing your video a thumbs up for you both..Love your videos you two just awesome

  3. Denle like si creen que es malo que se coman al bebé del pez ustedes son bien malos porque no dejaron ir al pez bebé ya sé que no me entienden que hablan en de corea o de China pero porque no dejaron ir al chiquito se hubieran comido grandote y dejar al bebé

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