20 thoughts on “Survival skills -find food catched snake in the river – cooking eating delicious 68”

  1. Tất cả các động vật………. Giun gián…………
    Thấy con này thì tránh xa. Không thì đều bị làm thịt hết

  2. اشنو كدير الله يهدك واش كين شي وحد كشوي لحنش كيكلو الله تكلاي سم نشاالله لي كيكول لحيون غير لبحل كم تفو عليك وعلا لي ولدك

  3. I think primifs are healthier👌💪
    than city people😆If many people eat a city that contains preservatives or formalin😅
    It's different with primitive people
    Primitive people eat natural without preservatives and are better and healthier💪💪

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