Survival Lessons for Living in a Vehicle

[Applause] guys today we're going to talk about living in your vehicle and how it applies to a bug-out situation or a natural disaster or some kind of evacuation possibility you know one of the things about getting in on the road is that especially in a disaster situation is that the freeways and the highways can just get clogged up and people can run out of gas there can be accidents that can be breakdowns and so there can be issues too where you may be spending time in your car you may be getting from one location to bug out to another location maybe you're heading to family and friends in a safer area and you know you just have to live in your car for a few days but we're gonna take a look at how people are living in their cars in a normal everyday situation and how that can apply to being prepared now one of the things about shtf is that it doesn't have to be a national or a large regional event it can be a personal shtf and we've talked about that a number of times you could have a job loss and overtime lose your home and really only have your vehicle and if you have really high payments on your vehicle you could possibly lose that and so really the big thing is is having some kind of way of transportation that you can get out of Dodge if you need to and to be able to live you know even temporarily or even could be long-term I mean let's face it a car is shelter and you can have some shelter in a vehicle just like you could in a tent and so bugging out getting on the road or a lot of other scenarios will apply to what we're going to talk about now first thing is the vehicle of course you can live in a car I read where one guy lived in a Prius for two years and it was tough it was tight but you know he did it but you know definitely the larger the vehicle the more room you're gonna have but the more gas you're gonna use and so you need to kind of weigh that out and of course you know a van would be perfect you know an RV definitely you could live for extended period of time in a van now pickup trucks are also a really good option because of the bed you can store a lot gear back there and there are even tent options that attach to your truck you know really the thing is is any way that you can camp is a possibility you know during the Great Depression people were having to live in their vehicles and they were doing whatever and that's one of the things about shtf and one of the big reasons why you know I really wanted to bring this to you because you can see what kind of options that are out there now big consideration is where are you gonna spend the night you know having some place that you can remain unnoticed but yet is relatively safe that's definitely a concern you know if you get on private property you can end up being in jail for trespassing or just be harassed by law enforcement and that's something that you want to avoid even though it's legal you know there still can be some harassment and so some of the areas though that a lot of the people that live in their cars talk about are like at Walmart it's one of the best places it's just a large parking lot people are pouring in and out and Walmart typically doesn't pay attention no a lot of rvs things like that will Park and they have internet service they're able to use the bathroom if they need to because typically they're open 24 hours but also apartment complexes hotels and motels now while they a lot of times they'll get your registration number your license number they don't always check and so being able to come in and get some sleep and kind of unnoticed and drive out national forests are also a good place and another place that you can actually pitch a tent at least for the night they do have camping areas campgrounds are great you know having some place to be able to go to the bathroom and usually in those camping areas you have that it is a way kind of to get out of your vehicle and to have a little space and not be molested now also truck stops truck stops are a great location rest stops definitely but sometimes they can be a little sketch now residential areas typically you've got to be very creative you know if somebody's parked in front of my house I notice but if there are some areas that you can kind of park to the side where people are maybe it's in between a house maybe it's really more toward a vacant lot or a lot or a house that's not being occupied or for sale that may be a great place to be able to park for the night what's really crazy is that a lot of places now are actually renting out their driveway or a piece of property for people to live in at least temporarily and you can actually put an ad on Craigslist and you know and get someplace that you can have an overnight stay or two or three if you're in that area another great option are hospitals and because people are coming in and out at all hours of the night a hospital parking lots tend to be a good place as well now some of the things though that you need to be careful of is especially in a bug-out situation is that there could be civil unrest there could be problems going on and so you're gonna need to be careful in the areas that you're staying especially in urban areas a high traffic areas that could also be a problem next or dangerous when you're on the road of course number one you need to think about and consider self defense you know how are you going to be able to defend yourself if you are attacked if you have some kind of problem somebody starts messing around your vehicle late at night of course a firearm is the ultimate self-defense option but there are a lot of local and state laws that prohibit having firearms accessible you know in a vehicle and if you're in danger of being already costed by police or questioned you know having a firearm in the vehicle can lead to a lot of problems now for me I would highly recommend that be your option but you definitely need to be aware of again local laws having you know some kind of stick or some kind of way I mean there's a multitude of different ways to be able to be able to have a none lethal way to defend yourself pepper spray you know whatever it is to be ready to be able to defend yourself and if your family's with you that's even more important you know having somebody mess with your car you know somebody can try to siphon the gas out of your vehicle so you need to be aware of somebody doing that while you're asleep at night situational awareness is definitely critical knowing your area when cars come in when people come up to your vehicle being able to know that and you know maybe just to be able to get out of Dodge if somebody's messing around of course running out of gas you know being able to have enough fuel before you get started on your journey you know and then having some cash or a card to be able to get gas as you're driving also breakdowns that's something to think about maybe having tools in the vehicle for that and just looking homeless you want to keep your hygiene up you want to make sure that you present yourself as a reasonable person that has means if possible and so keeping clean keeping yourself in good shape your vehicle itself keeping it in good order there's nothing worse than walking by a car looking in and seeing just trash and you know just whether you can tell they've just piled it in and you know it just really says a lot about that person and so being careful to remain as tidy and as clean as you possibly can unfortunately if you're living in your car space is tight and so you're having to be careful but you know giving yourself a good appearance will really go a long way if you're ever you know approached now items that you might need definitely a cooler would go a long way to be able to keep things fresh in fact if you start out whether it's bug out whether it's a survival situation a natural disaster make sure that you have some ready-to-eat foods with you of course lifeboat food is great I mean those bars have a lot of calories and you can get by for an extended period of time but also whether it's MREs or you know different ways crackers nuts things like that to be able to give you energy but let you just to keep on going so but food preparation can be a problem in this kind of situation now if you're the campground you can make a fire if you have a small little cook stove you can definitely do some things there but just think about those things about food preparation also water having some kind of water filtration if you're in an urban or just a small town you can typically get water but in a grid down situation maybe you're out in a rural area having a way to filter water is gonna be critical because there are a lot of creeks streams rivers lakes out there but not really suitable for drinking water of course having a medical kit is definitely something you want to have and also with maps you know a lot of times maybe your GPS is down and so a good road map even an atlas of the entire United States according to where you're gonna travel but make sure that you have some kind of map in fact that's a great thing to have in your vehicle anyway having a low lumen flashlight especially at night being able to you know see things without attracting a lot of attention but also having a really good bright flashlight and hopefully the flashlight you have will have different modes to it to where you can shine it and you know if you need it in a security situation because obviously light is your number one security tool and it's according to the weather but being able to stay comfortable you're not going to necessarily have heat so having you know pillows blankets things like that you know even in the spring and fall and even some summer nights can really get cool now we talked about it earlier but having a good tent could give you a break if you're in a certain area if you're in a camping area if you're in a national park or a national forest you can pull out your tent you know take a couple of nights to sleep in the tent instead of being crammed up in your vehicle and then also sun shades now sun shades are great because people use them and you can put them up in your window and it keeps people from being able to necessarily look in for me I have tended Linda's in the back of my vehicle so it makes it somewhat secure but you know it's better than putting a sheet up on the front that really lets people know that you know there's something unusual going on and if you're on the road for an extended period of time you know you're gonna need to have some way to make money and so being able to find small odd jobs if you need to you know you may then you'll be able to actually probably leave your vehicle there so you know finding some things like that that can help you to supplement to pay for gas if you need repairs if you just need supplies which food water things like that I mean there's definitely gonna be some expenses now we can carry a certain amount of cash with us but over a long period of time you know it could get to the point where you need those funds but also items to barter and so if you do have those items tuck them away and maybe you can barter and get the things you need especially gasoline and food if you're on the road and last but not least guys be respectful wherever you are even in a total grid down situation you know be courteous you know be clean don't leave litter laying around you know keep your Harriette's again clean and you know just have respect keep the noise down you know you have a radio you're playing make sure that it's low and that you're able to enjoy it but you're not disturbing other people while this definitely can apply to a grid down shtf situations where you need to get on the road sometimes again you have that personal shtf whether it's loss of a job maybe you're going through a nasty divorce and you don't have a place to live you know there's a number of different things that can happen where you find yourself in your vehicle out on the road and so hopefully you can take this be able to formulate a plan guys at least think about it and it's one of the important things you know your mind is your number one tool for survival and so the more that you're thinking the more that you're planning a little bit ahead of time the better off you're gonna be in a crisis situation so guys if you're serious about survival and prepping check out survival dispatch insider some of the top world leaders in survival and prepping are contributors there on the insider we upload one exclusive video a week on the insider I'll have a link down below check it out be strong be of good courage god bless america long live the Republic [Applause]

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  1. National Forest campsites can be relatives expensive. Here they run $38-$42 per night. BLM unimproved land is free to camp on though. When I travel I stay in rest stops instead of a hotel. I carry back packing stove and Stanley cook set. Many have picnic tables and bbq pits. You can heat up soup/stew etc without causing a fuss

  2. If you have a membership to the YMCA you have a place to work out plus a nice warm shower. You can also shower at truck stops and I have even showered at our local community college on more than a few occasions.

  3. In Canada we have Crown Land, this is Federal Land as opposed to Provincial {state} Land. Legally you can stay for 14 days but the authorities will harass you if they think you're squatting so one way to counter this is if you're a gold panner or better yet a licenced placer miner. The license in Alberta is $50, good for 5 years and gives you legal authorization to be there

  4. I love that you are so realistic. I have watched lots of videos about the high homeless rates in California & how so many are living in their vehicles. The van life looks so freeing but know it is probably really hard.

  5. Watch the truck stopes they sometimes can be dangerous i was a truck druver for 30 years and some of the stops were not good places

  6. The most important lesson is to always have another mode of transportation if at all possible. A motorcycle, scooter, ebike, regular bike, folding bike… anything that's more efficient than walking because if you're on the road you're eventually going to break down in BFE.

  7. Look at what is going on in Silicone Valley. Many high paid people living in cars since they cannot afford housing. Also defense go to estate sales and get a wooden baseball bat.. Great defense and cheap. Has to be wooden though for best defense.

  8. Great show! Aug 1st will be 3 years I've been a city van dweller. Hardest part summer food prep. Parks in the cities are always full and too hot to cook inside. Hoping to install an A/C in a couple weeks. Solar helps tremendously. Oh and just to let you know I love being a van dweller but I'm looking to get out of city-dwelling

  9. Good video. This video goes with What im listening to. Going home by A.A I think it’s my 13th or 18th time.

  10. Very interesting topic. Brought me back to a personal "SHTF". Good point on self defense. In the state I live in, it is illegal to have a long gun loaded in your car. I got a PSA AR that is still classified as a pistol, so I can have it ready to go. Know your local firearm and knife&tool laws.

  11. I have been living in my f150 truck for the last five years. It can be done. One thing I would add to this video from my own experiences, …. Know the laws and be ready to use them. The City of Los Angeles vs Deserttrain is one of the most important FEDERAL Appellant Court rulings to know. It clearly states that you are allowed to live in and park on public streets. Too many LEO told me to move on … That camping isn't allowed. Showing them a hardcopy of the Appellant Court ruling has quieted alot of these officers. They think you aren't familiar with the laws, which most vehicle dwellers aren't. But when you show them you are informed, law enforcement tends to leave you alone. Another tip I have is put a sign on the back of your vehicle saying, "Not for hire" where it can be clearly seen by law enforcement. Legally speaking under the US Constitution law enforcement is only allowed to interact with for profit corporations. The DMV's have made drivers corporations by putting your name in all caps on drivers licenses. So this isn't 100 percent guaranteed. But legally law enforcement is not permitted to interfere with private citizens using the highways and byways. There are also lots of local laws to get to know that can help too. So taking the time to know these laws and ordinances is extremely important.

  12. As a former hospital security I can say we did not mind people parking there as long as they are out of the way and not making trouble. If you needed a longer then a day or two just inform security, so we didn't tow the vehicle.

  13. I had to spend a month living in my cargo van when it broke down in 2009. I learned a lot of very important survival lessons that I put into practice after I got back on the road.

  14. DONT camp at hospitals this is very egoistic and far away from being a good christ! People will come there in need for help and you take their spot with no emergency.

  15. Please refrain from parking in truck stops. Most are too small to accommodate the trucks. Commercial drivers have a limited amount of time to move. Limited by law so heavy fines can be imposed. Every non commercial vehicle in a truck stop makes a unlawful event for the commercial driver. RV's can go anywhere without issues.

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