Surprising My HUSBAND with a NEW TESLA! (His Dream Car) | Rebecca Zamolo

– I'm gonna be surprising
him with a brand new Tesla. He has no idea. – Ah. – Hey ZamFam, it's Rebecca and you guys know we have
been searching Vidcon to find Red Hood and we
could not find her or him but this is the perfect opportunity for us to trick or prank Matt. – You're gonna prank him again Rebecca? – No, no, no you guys, this is actually going to be a good prank because Matt's birthday is coming up and I'm gonna be surprising
him with a brand new Tesla. – What? – It's so crazy. He has no idea. So what we're doing is we're having Rocky dress up as a Quadrant. You guys know we have one of the masks and I told Matt that we're
gonna be buying everything the hacker touches for 24 hours but in fact we're gonna be ending up at the Tesla and Rocky's
gonna touch the Tesla. – Wow. – And it's gonna be the gift for Matt. So I am so excited. – So exciting. – This is perfect timing we could not have planned it better so you guys smash the thumbs up button if you think Matt is
going to be so excited when he finds out that
the Tesla is for him. He thinks we're spying on the Quadrant. Daniel and I, we're going
to pretend to split up so that Daniel can go
and get everything ready at the Tesla dealership so when we arrive Matt's
gonna be so surprised. – That's a pretty good plan. – Okay. So yeah, I guess we're
gonna be buying everything the hacker touches for 24 hours and we might end up with a Tesla. Oh, I'm so excited. Let's go. Okay, you guys so I'm with Rocky right now. I just filled him in
on this prank on Matt. So are you okay being a Quadrant? – Oh yeah, yes, I'll do anything. This is gonna be awesome.
– Okay. – He's not gonna know what's coming. – Is this wife goals? Because okay, I honestly
don't care that much about cars but Matt has
been talking about a Tesla for so long, he never asks for anything. – He loves technology.
– Yes. – So this is gonna blow his mind. – He is, he loves tech stuff. So we have to, he's gonna
be back in the room you guys but again, go along with this. We are spying on a hacker for 24 hours and buying everything they touch. So, except it's not a real hacker it's gonna be Rocky. I'm so excited. Okay you guys, let's get going. Hey ZamFam it's Rebecca and Matt and today we are going to be buying whatever the hacker touches for 24 hours. So you guys know after
we defeated the Red Hood and the Game Master actually
took control of the Quadrant the Red Hood disappeared
but there are two Quadrants that we are trying to follow. – So since the Game Master has access to the Quadrant network
Daniel was able to hack in. – He is tracking one of the hackers and he sent us the location
of the second hacker which is where we're at right now and it looks like the
hacker is at a Starbucks. So let's go out and spy on them. I wonder if they have a mask on Matt. – We'll find out. – Right there, look. Do you think the Quadrant
has their mask on? – [Matt] What if they take the mask off and do a face reveal? – Okay, Matt maybe you go in. – [Matt] They're going to Starbucks. – Yeah, we need to get their order. – [Matt] Okay, I'm going in. – We're buying everything they touch so we need to get the Starbucks order. What if there's a clue? So Matt just went inside, he seriously has no clue that that is not a hacker, that is just Rocky. I thought Rocky's shoes would give it away because clearly those
are not Quadrant shoes but this is amazing you guys. He's really falling for it. So I told Rocky to do the
Quadrant sign at the counter so Matt is gonna freak
out when he sees that and Rocky doesn't have a mask on right now so Matt cannot see his face yet. – He just went into a room back here. I think it might be the restroom. Last time somebody went back there, Daniel, he said that
the person disappeared so I'm just keeping an
eye out on the door. I don't think it's a trap
door but just in case. Just went into the back area. I don't know, this is a really weird interaction right now. Let's go see what they ordered. – So Matt is inside right now. I'm gonna call, just make sure everything is set up with Daniel. Hey Daniel, are you there? – [Daniel] Hey Rebecca. – Okay, Matt has no idea right now and it's so funny and Rocky's wearing his own shoes which is even funnier.
– [Daniel] Oh really? – So this is gonna be the
biggest surprise ever. – [Daniel] Are you on your way? – Yeah, yeah, yeah we'll
be there soon, okay? Bye. – Boom, that's right. Rebecca is surprising
Matt with this Tesla. Can you believe that? It's gonna be insane. I can't wait to see how surprised Matt is. He probably thinks that
the hackers gonna come touch this car, he
doesn't know what to do. You've seen in the past he
really wants that Tesla, he's so excited, but
then it doesn't happen but look, they're prepping it today. They're prepping it right now. So get ready for the surprise, stay tuned. – Obviously we're not following
the real hackers right now. This is obviously a prank on Matt but we do need to figure out where the real Quadrant are. Hopefully Daniel has
found out where they are so after we do this and
give Matt his surprise we can go and actually follow them. – What? Go, go, go, go, go. I need to stay back and make sure I still get my coffee. Rebecca's gonna go follow Q I guess, right now, the Quadrant. So give us a thumbs up right now if you think that we're doing a good job. It's pretty good. Good taste. Rebecca, what's going on? – Hey. – [Matt] What's going on? – He just went inside Amazon. – [Matt] Amazon? – Yeah. – [Matt] Amazon's online,
they don't have a store. – I guess they do. It says Amazon. – [Matt] What? – Okay, well we need to
buy everything they touch. You got the drink right? – [Matt] Yeah, I got the drink. – Was there any clue or anything? – [Matt] No, just tasted really good. Okay, let's go. Oh. – [Rebecca] Matt, go. Get down. – Touched a camera. Like a security camera. That book right there. – [Rebecca] Okay, I'll get the book. Get the security. Okay, you guys, Where's Waldo book. Okay, ZamFam so they
actually kicked us out because we were filming in there so the hacker's still inside. We need to get to our car so we do not get in trouble and then Daniel has the tracking device so we can catch up with the hacker. Okay. – So I set up the GoPro inside the car. Matt and Rebecca are coming up. I think Matt's gonna be totally surprised. We're gonna try and get him inside the car and do the big reveal
while he's sitting in it. Comment below, what do
you think Matt's gonna say when he finds out that
the Tesla right here is actually his? – [Matt] Is he in a store? – [Rebecca] Okay you guys. Looks like this is it Matt? – [Matt] Daniel, there's
Daniel right there. – [Rebecca] Okay, there he is. Okay, they must have gone inside. – [Matt] Maybe there's two of them. – [Rebecca] Hey, there's Daniel. Matt has no idea what
is going on right now. – I know. I know I can't believe it. – So everything is set? – Everything's set, car's ready to go. – Okay, and he hasn't
noticed Rocky's shoes which is crazy. So let's go inside and buy whatever the hacker touches except this time, it's gonna be a Tesla. – He's inside, he's
going inside the Tesla. Whoa. Buddy has one of these. – Wait, does that mean
we have to buy a Tesla. – [Daniel] What? – If the hacker touches? That's a red one, like the Red Hood. – He went into an office. – What is that? – My shoe came untied. – They're Yeezys. – I know, my yeezys. – [Daniel] This the one he touched? – [Rebecca] Yeah. – Oh, come here, come
on, hide, hide, hide. Hide. It's like I'm scared but
I'm a little curious too. – Let's get out of there. We need to know where
their next location is. – Yeah. – We have to figure out who this Quadrant member is. – [Daniel] Right. – I'm so happy they didn't touch a Tesla. – [Daniel] Becca you're really close. Oh, he touched it. Touched it. Touched it. He touched it. Go, go, go. – So happy he did not touch this car. – [Daniel] Oh, whoa. Matt Get in, get in the car. Get in the car, get in the car. Get in the car. – Stop. We're in the car. – Because this is your birthday present. – Stop. What? No. – [Rebecca And Daniel] Yeah. – Yeah, it was me the whole time. – No. – Matt, happy birthday. – No. No. – [Rebecca] Do you like it? – It's so good. – [Daniel] Look at the,
look at the passenger seat. There's a camera in there too. – No. – Happy birthday Matt you guys. – Happy birthday. Comment down below, happy birthday to Matt – Yes. Were you expecting this? – No. – But you didn't know it was this. – No, no, no. – Matt, you have a Tesla. – Black on black on black. – This is it? – This is it. – How do we make the doors do that thingy? – I don't know how. – [Daniel] Just hit it. Hit the button. There they go. – [Everyone] Whoa. – [Daniel] How do you feel? – I feel pretty good. – Matt does not like surprises very much. – I don't. – He never knows how to handle it. – This is pretty cool. Thanks babe. Wow, are you serious? You buy this? What? – I mean. I mean, your wife did cause I'm buying everything
you touch for 24 hours. – Yeah, and it's the video. – But we've maxed out so this is it. This is it. We're in his birthday present. You're still in shock. – Yeah. – So now, when we're driving places with the Game Master
network we have a Tesla. – We do have a Tesla. – Yeah. It's driving itself. – Where's it going? – I don't know, where are we going? – [Rebecca] I don't know
Matt, you're driving. – [Everyone] Oh. – So what do you think? – This is insane. I can't believe this is, it's my new car. – I cannot believe that we have a Tesla. This is crazy. Did I do good? – You really did baby. – The T right here. – [Matt] Okay. – We're gonna have kind
of a nice home menu. – [Matt] Yeah, there's the car. – Pull down right there. – [Matt] What? What is this? – [Rebecca] Whoa. – Lots of fun Easter eggs. – [Rebecca] It's like clues. – [Matt] What is this thing? – Try it out. So any seat you want,
maybe Rocky in the back. – [Rebecca] Yeah, okay Rocky. – You guys might really like this, obviously it was a nice romantic gift. This is romance mode. – Romance. – What? – [Daniel] Oh sweet, oh. – Christmas mode. – Yes, I love Christmas. – This one's kind of a minor one. It's pretty cool though. Suspension, swaps it out. I think that's actually the
back to the future car maybe? – It's the Delorean
from Back to the Future. Would you guys ever want a Tesla? I'm pretty sure you're gonna say yes but let us know in the
comment section down below. This is crazy. – I don't know anything about cars but the Tesla is pretty awesome. I do have to say, this is really cool. All right ZamFam and that concludes me surprising my husband with a Tesla even though he thought
he was spying on a hacker and buying everything
they touch for 24 hours. – It was Rocky the whole time. – Yes, you should have noticed his shoes. – I know and I'm like 6'4". – I know. Okay, well now in all seriousness though we do need to track down the Quadrant because they might be able to lead us to where the Red Hood is because she's gone with the microchip. – Good idea, yeah I think so too. – I don't know if we
need to worry about it. I mean they don't work
for the Red Hood anymore. They're not a threat anymore, right? – But they might be able
to lead us to the Red Hood. – Okay. – I don't know. – You know what, I think I wanna take this on a road trip because I have a huge surprise waiting for us up at Big Bear for Rebecca. – For me? – Yep. – What? – Yep, we all know what's
under the tarp guys. – Oh.
– Oh. – I've been working on this for a while so we need to go check this out, okay? – Okay, okay, well I'm gonna stay behind because now that we have access to the Quadrant's network, I'm gonna dig around a little bit. See if I can find out
information about the Red Hood. – Okay you guys, so make
sure you are subscribed, have notifications on, and
give this video a big thumbs up if you guys liked this surprise
for Matt for his birthday. Happy birthday. – I liked it a lot. – Check out the video right here from the Game Master network. Shout out to you guys in
the Game Master network that scored 100% on the quiz and you guys who tagged us on Instagram and got the ZamFam merch. Link and description. – All right Rebecca, you ready for your surprise? – I don't know. – Don't tell her what it is, okay?

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