Surprising Bias in Minority Education

so there’s a really interesting study
there had to do with howell students are perceived by their teachers in
elementary and highschool and what they found was that black and latino students
tend to get more positive feedback on uh… test
study their tests done essays they were done which it might sound good but
they’re actually not getting what i’m critical and helpful uh… feedback as well right so this is
a cheat me gap between white students a minority students it’s the stubborn
problem here in the u_s_ that we’re trying to figure out uh… and there are so many different
factors that lead to this issue right but one of the things that i i think
people don’t focus on and off is this whole positive bias that latino and
black students get so basically just uh… teachers in this
particular study will look at the essays for black and latino students and they
want parade then as critically as the white students write so what ends up
happening these black latino students they came i s it was great the teacher
didn’t really criticize that paper i’d integrate it down so i guess i don’t
need to do anything to improve yet right at the same time the white students get
the proper criticism constructive criticism to improve that’s making that
achievement gap uh… more prevalent in the country yeah and the students don’t
even know that they’re not achieving at the same
level exact on mellow we don’t let me know it doesn’t go into in this study
exactly why is that those teachers do that but we can speculate that they
probably feel some empathy for the minority students in they want
to help them but and but these are the same thing as assistance yen’s need the critical feedback
especially when they’re in elementary school when they’re in high school they’re gonna be on the right at
college-level to match weight since they need feedback during those formative years now also keep in mind that the study
tested about one hundred thirteen white middle school in high school teachers
into public school districts in new jersey new york’s and connecticut uh… so
uh… the new york new jersey connecticut so what do you think about the sampling of
the store and it’s obviously not nationally representative so they’re
there are issues that they didn’t you know i think the study with a grain of
salt with that being said it still something that’s interesting that you
can look at i’d like to see this tested on a national level to see if this is
really an issue in all states yeah i would be very interested to find out
what black and latino teachers do wet weather the situation yes at two

100 thoughts on “Surprising Bias in Minority Education”

  1. but if a white teacher criticizes one of black or latino student's paper… their racist! (or that's what they would be called anyways)

  2. sugar coating your criticisms of someone work never helps them, ever, you need honest feedback in whatever you do to get better

  3. Ana talks to the viewer like we're children. Is that on purpose or is she just not very bright and that's her own level of understanding?

  4. Latinos/Blacks are not minorities. Native Americans are minorities. Latinos are on their way to be half of the USA's population & black's are about what, 30 ish percent? Those are not minority numbers.

  5. Funny that at the same time TYT U advocates affirmative action, which does the exact same thing – accepts students that aren't qualified and aren't prepared for college. I'd call that hypocrisy. Either you favor discrimination against whites or you don't. Make up your mind.

  6. Arts courses are BS to begin with. My freind had 2 older brothers with the same teacher. We were IB students (essentially advanced placement). His brother was an A+ student, while he was closer to a B in most courses. In english he handed in the same word for word (literally as it was saved on computer) report his brother did the year before. His brothers mark, 90%, his mark, 75%.
    The idea of grading arts courses like math is retarded. In reality art isnt binary true/false.

  7. If this is the case, why do I meet so many whites who have an inflated sense of their abilities? Example: I knew one guy with a degree in English Literature who couldn't event properly select the correct spellings of there/their, to/too, etc.

    The fact that whites receive no public criticism of their performance, especially considering that they are actually quite average compared to Asians and international students, shows me that they are probably the most pampered group in this country.

  8. wow that's a lot more self control than i will ever exert in answering a very smart question. i am starting to turn a bit green just by reading it. lol

  9. I'm 18 years old, black male, senior in high school….I completely agree and this is not only in middle and high schools it is also at the college level unfortunately and this is why I will not be attending an HBCU…..its also why degrees from HBCU's are not seen as "as credible" as degrees from PWI's (predominately white institutions) which I plan to attend this fall.

  10. yes there is, i did take art history online and there was feed back on general progress and essays via email. although most people have names that will point out what is their racial background, so if a teacher is biased in live class, he could easily do the same online!

  11. Pity not empathy. Empathy is the act of putting yourself in another persons shoes, not feeling sorry for them. That would be pity.

  12. 2 school districts in three states??? I'm from Connecticut and there are no overlapping school districts into other states… Sounds odd.

  13. Black people will always use slavery as an excuse. Wah, slavery this, slavery that. What about the jews? They were slaves at one point. You don't see them crying all god damn day about shit that happened a shit long time ago. And they had it 20x worse

  14. The jews weren't ever slaves as far as I know. Definitely not on the scale of African-slavery. During the medival peroid they were banned from any other trade other then money-lending, which allowed Jewish communities to gain capital. Besides which, much of the conflict surrouding Israel today is rooted in historical, cultural, theological and sociological issues going back millenia. Similiarly black communities still suffer from the ramifications of slavery.

  15. It's been the case for over 10 years and the research supports it. (One can find numerous studies with thousands of students a Google away–though I can't promise they won't want a fee.) This quote emphasizes it the most: "America's bright young people get squat for being Asian, 150 SAT points for being white, 300 for being "Hispanic", and 450 for being black."

    This is what happens when you rank "diversity" over merit. White people, advertise yourself as white-hispanic if you want an advantage.

  16. There is also the factor of fear – the teachers may be anxious about criticizing minority students in fear of being called racist.

  17. Hmm, I don't see this. Could just be where I live, but I don't really see my essays having less critical feedback than any of my white friends. In fact, my teacher is pretty consistent with her grading, but like I said, it could just be the school I go to.

  18. I don't like the word, "minority" makes it seem as if it's a rarity to find a person of black/hispanic person in a crowd. See, Native Americans make up less than one percent, meaning that in most crowded rooms it's very probable you won't see one all the time. I feel that's a minority, when the people can't even be seen/heard.

  19. Ok, I was a little off, lol. That's what I get for not looking it up I guess.
    I don't like the word, "minority" makes it seem as if it's a rarity to find a person of black/hispanic person in a crowd. See, Native Americans make up less than one percent (looked up, lol), meaning that in most crowded rooms it's very probable you won't see one all the time. I feel that's a minority, when the people can't even be seen/heard.

  20. Kinda reminds me of an episode of "everybody hates chris" where Chris has a african-american substitute that makes it harder for him when compared to the white students.

  21. There is, but they don't know my ethnic background. Thankfully, I don't have an ethnic sounding name either.

  22. That's a bit different. They were able to actually get away from the Egyptians and control their own destiny as a people.

  23. Do you really think that slavery was the ONLY bad thing that happened to blacks in the history of the US? They have a lot more that they can legitimately complain about.

  24. Do whites even consider it "cool" to study? Back when I went to school, anyone who studied excessively or took interest in an academic discipline was a nerd. The cool kids were average students who loaded up on activities and were involved in the school. Outside of private school and an academically focused magnet program, I don't think it's really that cool to be a bookworm in American public schools.

  25. There no way in hell us Latinos are still a minority not to mention all the undocumented Latinos

  26. I'm so glad my AP english teacher criticizes everyone (well in a way) when I think of this story. She doesn't treat anyone differently they are all just students she loves to "torture"
    She loves to call on the class clowns a lot but that's about it.

  27. I would like to see this study repeated except with a focus on iq to see if the empathy lies within the race of the child or intelligence

  28. Why is it that AFRICAN students who come to the USA excell in Sciences, Business, etc., in any and all institutions regardless of the colour of their instructor? You know th stereotype of Africans being students.

  29. of course this happens then a study will come out how whites are smarter than blacks.And how blacks can't achieve. it all comes full circle.

  30. You'd think a TEACHER would realise that it gets us nowhere if you favour any kid for any reason. What fucking logic is that? That is so maddening.

  31. I think this is more racist than anything else. they asome that because the kids are latino and black they NEED to be favoured. They can`t just be like any other kid, who might be a good student, a little genous, or not a very good student. So,,,I think it`s even worse than the other way around racism.

  32. Well, African Americans are deeply embedded in the fabric of this country and Hispanics are the largest minority group.

    But I agree with your criticism. What sort of stories would you like to hear about Asian Americans?

  33. Umm i am white and i have no problem with my black friends. I have friends of asian, hispanic, and black descent and i have no problem with them. I see them and talk to them everyday so i guess race is becoming less and less important as American society grows.

  34. Eh you don't understand how a class works very well do you? How many students of the same parent has nothing to do with helping a child learn. In general there are about 22-30 students in a classroom so i don't see how having 2 or more kids of the same family has anything what so ever to do with the progress of a child. Schools are there to help the kids, if they are not helping the kids then they are not doing their job. You should learn some more on psychology bro.

  35. No one is superior. The parents are more strict than a white. latino, or black parent. A white parent might say you must get a C in class while an Asian parent will say anything lower than an A is unacceptable. In my case as a white male i didn't have any encouraging from my parents because i didn't have any and that is why i made d's and c's in my classes and the same goes for a lot of african american and latino kids. No one is superior.

  36. white people can never do anything right, either to positive or to negative minorities will never be happy and always blame their lack of success on someone else

  37. I was lucky enough to have a few teachers that never excepted what I turned in as my best attempt. There was always something that could be changed or improved upon. I never got frustrated much though because of the approach they had with us. "Decent work but here are some ways you can make this great". Mind you I graduated High School with a 3.6gpa from a regents course with 3 college credit courses. "Your mind is the forge whence you test the metal of your determination"-Dr. Gerald.

  38. LOL a stubborn problem we are trying to figure out……stats that you don't like about minorities don't exist right?

  39. Could it be that the teachers subconsciously expect less from non-whites and because of that end up giving them overly positive feedback for worse performance. Subconscious prejudice or racism.

  40. i've been to 1 community college, and 2 universities, and i've never heard of such a thing as "anonymous grading" and executed in such a way.

  41. While I agree, having 'minority quotas' to fill may sometimes prevent qualified people from getting a job over a less qualified individual as well.

  42. Students of different racial backgrounds often face a "stereotype threat"… For example "All Asians are good at math" or "Blacks are good at sports"…. Students will perform WORSE if they feel the anxiety of having to perform up to these stereotypes. The stereotype threat in combination with teachers sub-consciously, or consciously, treating minorities differently- makes this an interesting phenomenon. I'd like to see this study repeated and replicated. What study is being cited? Author??

  43. The problem is, we can force people to act fair, but we can't force them to BE fair. We can't force changed minds and hearts. We can hope that they will be open to new ideas and new people, but some people are so scared that they cling to their ignorance like a security blanket, and having bashed my head against that brick wall way too many times, I find that there's a point where I just have to let go and let them have their ignorance if they need it so badly. Damn shame, that.

  44. Race quotas were instituted through affirmative action, they are the two parts of the same branch.
    You do realize that your last comment is very racist? To assume every white person is a racist, is racist. How about the Hispanic guy who was the perfect match for a position, but they had to give it to a black guy to meet their quota? Is affirmative action fair to him?

  45. Yup. basically the instructor doesnt know which student he/she is actually grading?
    as in a academic course? because you put your name on your work. even if you just put student id down, the instructor can just look in his/her file and find out who it is, so i still dont understand how it supposed to work.
    also, it is so inefficient if you have to hand to one more person before it reaches the instructor, and more ways to lose the students' work.

  46. Ok, replace Hispanic with Caucasian. Is it any more just?
    You don't seem to know much about the history of AA..
    Look up;
    Fullilove v. Klutznick
    Wygant v. Jackson Board of Education
    United States v. Paradise
    Here's a quote from that one: "For every white hired or promoted, one black would also be hired or promoted until at least 25% of the upper ranks of the department were composed of blacks."
    There are many more.

  47. I guess that's more of an american thing – In canada, its mostly minorities who take the tougher classes while white kids go into trades and business like careers – In my calculus class there are 2 brown people including myself and everyone else is asian – In chemistry everyone is either black brown or asian. – Usually even the white kids don't do well on the english courses getting below 85s – Probably because we have teachers who are different races – so only those motivated enoughgetsomewhere

  48. Quotas are illegal in the United States. Affirmative action is a variety of things including outreach and recruitment from minority areas, but does not include quotas.

  49. Why is this surprising? Why is the first thoughts of John and Ana how this negatively impacts on minorities? If its unfair, its unfair, two wrongs don't make a right and this gives ammo to racists.
    Empathy, it being a taboo in society to be critical to minorities or fear of being reprimanded for it.
    Its funny how people like Ana in videos like this argue that criticism is essential to personal growth, and later she'll be arguing how harmful criticism is to peoples self esteem.

  50. Is not positive bias…the teacher assume they are stupid and can never perform at the level of white students, so instead of giving bad grades and risk being call a racist they have to give them positive feed backs and better grades than they deserve.

  51. when you move on the the next level when professors don't care if your black or white your A paper suddenly turn in to a D+ that is where the gap is coming from.

  52. I don't about racist stuff, but something like that happened to me. My family moved to new country, and my new ''stupid'' teacher would give me, a-b-c and i thought i was amazing at this new language. But college came, and i got fucked:D luckily I am better at everything else. The teacher knew, I was not native and would expected me not to be as good, as those native speaking.

  53. LMAO

    these white liberals think the reason why the lowest IQ races on earth blacks & Mexicans are failing in our schools is because of "over-empowerment" LOLOLOLOL wow, just look at how hard they try to convinced themselves.

    I have news for you leftist. Your whole ideology never works because humans are not equal by nature and no gay little marxist ideology or government funding program is going to change that. Now go run and get mad.

  54. Of course, noone with an ego can admit that their wrong. Have you heard rap music its all about "i got this, I got that, I'm so fly, etc."

    minorities and especially blacks are never… and I repeat never going to admit failure and always blame whitey.

    One of my favorite pastimes is cracking open a beer, pulling up a lawn chair and listening to the excuses. Its so entertaining

  55. So, when black and Latino students are blatantly favored in the classroom it is still somehow a bad thing and yet again, whitey's fault. Thanks YT.

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