Surface Pro for Teachers [THIS IS THE ONLY COMPUTER FOR ME]

mmm which computer should I choose have you ever found yourself in this debate I know in the beginning I did you know it's something I'm always willing to look at when you technology comes out so stay tuned while I share why the surface pro is the best one for teachers and online tutors right now my name is Joanne Kaminsky and I have been tutoring reading online since 2010 and I started with a regular laptop computer I don't remember what the heck it was I just know that it worked so if you're wondering if your current computer will work almost likely it will but of course there are different computers with different bells and whistles and a second computer that I got was a Mac air and I absolutely loved how light it wasn't easy to travel with now this was at a time when computers were bulky and heavy I love my Mac and then one day while I was sitting in an airport working on my computer and had came up for surface Pro now it caught my attention I loved how you could write on the screen and share multiple tabs at once it was being passed off as a hybrid computer a laptop and a tablet and I began dreaming about getting one and one week later I went to the Mac the Windows Store at the mall and I wanted to do some further research but as soon as I got to play with it and saw how it could benefit my business I was sold I walked out that day with my surface pro and when I used to treat her on the computer with other computers that I had I would like I'd have to write with my mouse but it was hard to write hey you know it looked a little shaky but not too bad and it did the job and this is an example of what it looked like while I was breaking up a word advertised it took me a little longer to write then I wanted it to you but it still worked and when I worked with kids in the school system I would never write on our resources but when you work online with kids you can mark up the materials as much as you need to it's really awesome and then you can choose if you want to keep it or get rid of it at the end of the session as well and when I had my Mac the writing was the same as my PC so when I moved to the surface pro 3 it came with a pen that I could now just right on the screen width I mean it was easy it was effortless and I loved it now I know many people out there they just absolutely love their Wacom or their Huey aunt a blitz and I got one and honestly you know it didn't have the same feel for me I had a hard time getting it to work with my powerpoints at that time so is pretty much been collecting dust and a desk ever since now I have run into a ton of math tutors that swear by theirs so I know it has many benefits for people and their computer probably works just fine with it the surface pro 4 pen has a battery that seems to last forever the only time I need to replace it is when at my pen was dying but it was actually dying and I knew better didn't save it so I have no idea what happened to it but it lasted for three years without needing a replacement battery now I know that some people have a fear of what happens if I lose the pen I certainly had that fear I mean this pen cost like a hundred bucks so replacing it is costly however I've only misplaced my pen now actually lost it and the entire time that I've had it so don't let that be a concern for you it was um it's amazing when something cost that much money how much more cognizant you are about where it is at all times so let's take a look at the bat the life of the battery on the computer itself so I can work on the computer for about four hours without needing to be plugged in if I'm typing and if I'm using the zoom then it will last for about two one time I lost electricity and I was able to still teach using the hotspot on my phone it's amazing to think that without electricity I was still able to tutor online but I was when I tutor online I'm usually in my office and plugged in so battery life is only an issue when I decide to unplug but now that Microsoft pro for charger is much better than the charger I had for my three the cord would always seem to like wiggle out on one end of the battery and then all of a sudden I would look at my computer and it would be charging I'd have to rush to plug it in it was crazy and then the new one is like so super secure and never falls out and I appreciate that they keep making a better product and not just a cheaper one so when you're using a computer every single day a cheap one is not always the answer you want you want one that has the features that you want so that you can get the job done as you currently have a Mac or a PC laptop I'd love to hear how it is working for you have you ever thought of a surface pro comment below and let's keep this conversation going now the surface pro has a pretty cool keyboard in fact it detaches from the device and and then it's going to ask if you want to go into tablet form or stay in computer form which is pretty cool I don't usually choose to teach this way but if you wanted to even teach this way you absolutely could now the keyboard comes in many different styles and colors it can be cleaned with soap and water speaking of which I should probably do that more often one of my favorite tools that I have purchased for my surface pro for was office 365 now all Microsoft computers are compatible with the software but it's no longer free or just added to their product what I decided to go with it I was currently paying $100 a year for Dropbox and when the salesperson told me that the Microsoft Office 365 came with onedrive which was pretty much the same thing as Dropbox it came with more storage space it was kind of a no-brainer move for me so the tool that I love the most for organizing my businesses on there are Excel PowerPoint in OneNote and I'm able to organize all of my students in OneNote in one notebook and each student gets a tab and then each day I work with a student I organize them on a different page this way I know everything that I have worked on with all of my students and it's in one easy place and this is also how I lesson plan the information I usually need is what page did we leave off on in the book so I write that page number down and look back to it during the students next session and it works perfectly now I know that some of you are wondering which surface pro to buy and if price is the deciding factor then go with the oldest model that you can find because that will be the cheapest I just purchased a surface pro for about six months ago in addition to the three and I've kept my three and now use it to work on uploading videos so that it doesn't slow down my main computer when I'm working with students the storage space space is small in this computer so you do have to be careful about how much you store directly on your computer versus the cloud the one feature that I love on the for is that when I sit down at my computer I sign in by looking at it it automatically recognizes me and turns on oh yeah – – all right give me a cheat sheet in the comments if you love that technology is seriously always improving so other than those things I haven't really noticed a difference so let's talk about the different prices they have Microsoft actually has a teacher discount and tutoring counts I just showed them my website and I got to disco I didn't need to show that I worked at a school or anything like that so I appreciate that and this makes the surface pro a little bit more doable for teachers and tutors another tip is to buy it during a Black Friday sale so here in the u.s. black is the day after Thanksgiving and this is the time of year that people start buying presents for people for Christmas and Black Friday deals are right around the corner I wouldn't expect the surface pro six to go on sale since it's being released on October 16th but you will definitely be able to get a surface pro 3 or 4 in a discount so keep your eyes open now usually stores like Best Buy or anywhere you can buy computers will have it you can also check Amazon for the surface pro 3 or 4 and sometimes you can find a refurbished one and it works just as good as a brand new one here are some things to look for when you are purchasing a surface pro online take a look to see if the keyboard and the pen come with it if it's not listed do not expect to receive it you can always check questions that people have asked and look at the reviews from other buyers this will often answer many of those questions that you have you could get one of these awesome computers for a price point between four hundred and fifty dollars to $550 refurbished we just bought a refurbished computer for my daughter for high school and she absolutely loves it so don't let the word scare you Plus once you begin making a ton more money with your online tutoring business you can always upgrade to a nicer version or even buy a brand new one you could deduct it as a computer expense at text times every online tutor absolutely needs a computer right a lot goes into your decision for buying a computer so don't let me stop you from finding the one that you love just think about what you want your computer to do and what will work best I hope this helps you as you make your decision and if this was helpful please hit like subscribe in that little bell so you could stay informed when new videos come out and if you're looking for a way to get students join me for a free webinar three secrets to getting online tutoring students just click the link in the description and one we'll be starting very soon and you don't want to miss it so I would love to hear what your favorite tool is for online tutoring list it in the comments well my name is Jared Kaminski the online tutor business coach and here is till next time you

3 thoughts on “Surface Pro for Teachers [THIS IS THE ONLY COMPUTER FOR ME]”

  1. Hi Joanne! Did you ever get or look into the SurfacePro6? The 4 looks pretty darn cool to me, as I begin my wonderments over what tech will work for me. Thanks so much for all your mega helpful videos. What a blessing you are on my path!

  2. I have an iMac, 27-inch. It gives me lots of screen space to have multiple windows open at once. It has a huge hard drive. I can have all my materials on my computer, very fast to access. I have an old, old Wacom tablet that still works with my brand new iMac. I have a PC laptop that I have to use for another job… no choice because the software needed won't run on a Mac, unfortunately. I hate Windows. It's clunky, unstable, and expensive to upgrade. Mac just came out with a new operating system… as usual, free to upgrade. And Mac's productivity suite of Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc. (their version of Microsoft Office), again, is super cheap to buy and free upgrades. I was just going to say that with the money I save on OS and Office upgrades, I can afford the extra cost of a Mac, but… just looked at Surface Pro from Best Buy: 5th Gen, i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB drive for $999, and that was under "student deals" and doesn't come with the pen or keyboard. Yikes!!! You can get an i5 21.5 inch iMac (nearly double the screen size of a Surface Pro), 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, and just generally more computing power for $929, and that comes with keyboard, mouse, and cables. Looks like Apple isn't so expensive after all! You do lose on portability, yes. I don't tutor on the road much though. When I get away, I like to really get away, and I can always use my PC laptop if I do need to tutor on the road. And the Mac doesn't have a touch screen, but my Wacom tablet works for writing, and I don't need a touch screen for anything else. I'd rather have the increased computing/video/photo editing/gaming power that I get with a desktop. 🙂 So no, given the cost/benefit ratio, I can't see myself ever going with a Surface Pro. I'll stick with my Mac!

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