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that wraps up this edition of NHK news fine I'm Tiko Tiko I aim to help thanks for joining us you in this episode of supreme skills amazing the Tokyo Olympics are less than a thousand days away we're giving them our full support [Applause] athletes aren't the only ones who have to prepare for the big event the equipment they use must also be perfected these are custom-made products that maximize athletic performance every gold medal and every world record is supported by athletic equipment supreme skills wants to help that's why we're focusing today on the development of sports equipment first we'll look at the discus throw will follow a promising young athlete who has her sights set on the Tokyo Olympics you see my Reba try tomorrow the Japanese were one strong contenders in the discus throw in fact they won fourth place in the Helsinki games since 1968 Japanese athletes haven't even qualified much less won a medal now skilled craftsmen and researchers have stepped up they're giving it everything they've got you look ready to throttle and we've enlisted the help of former Olympic athletes I'm envious I wish I were back on the field I wish you'd get hurdles for us and then there's archery really hopes were high in Rio but Japan lost out winning no medals a small neighborhood factory is stepped into the breach make us a winning the goal called of course Japanese manufacturing expertise comes to the rescue can made in Japan win Olympic welcome I'm your host Giada jr. and I'm a so hmm well jr. the tokyo olympics and paralympics are less than a thousand days away what a fine program we've become this time we're focusing on the ball used in archery and the discus used in the discus thrower and these can actually be used in Olympic competition right that's our dream and to help realizes we've asked former Olympians to join us die callous way known as the samurai hurdler appeared in the Sydney anthems and Beijing Games he knows the Olympics well you come little pushy competed in the hammer throw in the Athens Olympics in the discus throw she won ten Japan championships in a row making her a top athlete we're having a discus made for this program I never thought about that before I wish I'd made one myself what about shoes tell my soui son I was a short distance hurdler the distance between hurdles are set and we have to place our feet in the same place each time regardless of which way the winds blowing so I chose my shoes accordingly a strong wind makes you choose one type of shoe over another yes Oh are your shoes made in Japan yeah I started to say yes but our tester for the new discus made for this program is Monica Cory a promising young athlete she hopes to compete in the Tokyo Olympics let's start by looking at just how far the Japanese record for discus throwing is look over there you can see someone holding a red flag that spot marks 58.62 meters that record is held by Muto Fujisan who's here with us today the record still holds yes amazing what an honor have you met before yes once we've never competed together I've been watching her wonderful throwing technique though she's got a lot of speed in her throne so I'm sure she'll do really well Cory has caught aku she's admiring I she's currently Japan's top female discus thrower you have high hopes the Tokyo Olympics to compete but no Japanese has competed in the discus throw since the 1964 games does that have to do with how Japanese bodies are shape what do you think yes and also a problem of technique but certainly physical strength is an issue do you think the Japanese are at a disadvantage the average height is 187 centimeters I'm 181 that's much taller than me yes like your brother yes I was only 170 my dad recently said that I'd chosen a sport I was least suited for now he tells me this is the type of discus you usually use right Khorasan specifications for the discus are very precise manufacturers around the world compete fiercely within these permitted ranges what's this I actually used this one it has Japan written on it your own discus I can feel its aura holding it I used it in international competitions actually once a disc is inspected it can be used by anyone discus is made overseas break easily they tend to fall apart Japanese made ones are highly prized because they're durable and easy to throw lots of other athletes used mind even when I wanted to use it myself really Corie use a supreme skills discus in the Tokyo Olympic Games our project be kids the development team is led by Professor Kazuya sale of Yamagata University sayo specializes in sports engineering he's developed various types of equipment including bicycles for the Paralympics and ski jump equipment now he's focusing on developing a discus that will maximize Cory's power the first step is to watch an actual discus throw the discus was surprisingly steady when she released it but it did wobble a little say Oh noted the way the discus wobbled during the flight it does shake a little left and right as it flies the wobble causes air resistance if the discus could be made to fly more smoothly it should be possible to throw it the town of Nakayama is in Yamagata prefecture sale heads for a certain auto fabrication shop he asks his longtime friend Hideo Saito to make a discus for him no small Saito's fabrication shop is famous throughout Japan that's because he holds an impressive performance record in national eco car championships this was specifically designed for a competition to see how far you can go on one litre of fuel how far about 1,800 kilometers 1,800 per liter a liter yes Saito makes all of his cars by hand sale wants to use Saito's amazing technical skills of course Saito's never made a discus before he starts by taking one apart a discus consists of a body fittings and an outer ring made of metal the balance between the outer ring and the body is key Saito focuses on the balance of weight between outer ring and the body tops can be used to illustrate one table has a heavier outer ring both are spun at the same time the ordinary top wobbles and falls right away but the weighted one keeps spinning stabili for a long time Saito will apply this principle I'd like to make the outer ring about 80% of the total weight the ring on the discus quarter uses weighs 750 grams they'll increase that weight by 40 grams the total weight of the discus has to be one kilogram if the outer ring is made heavier weight will have to be reduced elsewhere what part can be made lighter Saito focuses on the second heaviest component the body he decides to use carbon fiber a material that's both strong and light no offset at 45 degrees he glues sheets of carbon fiber together with resin after each addition he carefully rolls out the surface why there are air bubbles in the resin this is how I get them out otherwise the bubbles would compromise strength the denser the material the stronger it is Sunita uses eight sheets of carbon fiber he carefully rolls out the air bubbles on each sheet after drying overnight the prototype body is finished it's definitely lighter the next task is machining the all-important outer ring for that Saito visits a nearby workshop mitsuyoshi Tokai ting has worked with Saito for 30 years he's proud of his metal machining abilities we have all the latest equipment that's a wire cutter that's a die sinking electrical discharge unit we can drill a hole just a tenth of the millimeter in diameter we've got cutting-edge equipment till Clayton starts work on the ring using his beloved machines cutting a little metal at a time he slowly and carefully approaches the weight say who specified it's done achieving the precise weight is easy as pie but wait isn't the only concern there's another innovation hidden here how is this ring different from a conventional one let's compare the contour of a conventional ring with the cutting blade see a gap the new ring is just a little thicker supposedly this change will make the discus fly farther sail chose this design what shape will maximize flight distance using the latest simulation technology he's seeking the ideal contour the calculations resulted in a discus that's just one millimetre thicker the radius of the edge is also larger by 0.15 millimeters sayo says the difference in thickness is small but important but how do we come up with a design he focused on the angle of the discus during flight toward the end of the flight the angle always increases this increases their resistance which slows flight speed and makes the discus all like a stone that's where sales secret plan kicks in what does the extra thickness do he conducts tests to check air flow the increased angle of a conventional discus disrupts airflow but look at sales discus the air flows smoothly around it this will help reduce the loss of speed late in the flight Saito takes the finished prototype to quarry no he'll ask her to try it out Wow amazing looks great hello we just finished it last night it feels good I can throw this I'll try it actually this project is a big turning point for quarry too in her career as a high school athlete she consistently one domestic Championships held in Japan but since entering college she's failed to make the cut in international championships she says she feels a barrier when it comes to competing on a global level in Japan I often made it to the final rounds even if I had some bad throws but that kind of performance just isn't good enough for international competition it's frustrating Japanese discus he goes can it be revived after so many years well goodnight is no ordinary discus it certainly wobbles less than before but does it fly farther as say Oh hoax that was a good throw and it feels like I could go even farther i watch her everyday and it did seem to stay up longer it flies better yeah it takes longer to fall it feels good but then the surface is very smooth it would be nice if it had more texture my old ones are really rusty given a choice I'd rather throw a well-used discus than a new one rusty what was it like to throw it it was easy to throw so the design is good huh with the thicker edge the sharper edge is old-style it's edgy like junior son was in the old days more angular but the new one is more gentle more like junior son is now it glides more smoothly through the air in technical terms flow separation doesn't occur so the discus maintains its lift all the way to the end of the flight but it's hard to grip is that it that's right now can we ask you moodle Fujisan to explain how a discus is thrown with the discus the release is done with a snap of the wrist instead of spinning it this way you use your fingers to spin it outward ah the opposite direction it's released like this so that's why you said that you couldn't get a proper grip on it if it's rusty my fingers don't slip like they do with a new discus when they slip it's harder to throw dude the rules allow a rusty discus as long as it doesn't affect the weight just a little side story I was in a competition once where all the discuses available were brand new so everyone went looking for a sandpit where they could scrub the surface of their discus with sand to roughen it up track and field events are pretty much all about applying muscle power through friction forerunners that means making sure our feet don't slip on the ground for discus throwers it means using Russ to keep the fingers from slipping then we can apply our full strength I see athletes are obsessed with friction what did you think cytosin when she asked you to make it rusty we try to make beautiful things that's what we've always done so when she said to make it rusty to make it rough that's the opposite of what we usually do at the same time we want to do everything we can to satisfy Cory son down to the smallest detail were committed to doing the best job we can so the mission becomes recreate the effect of rust Saito Sun shinji accepts this difficult challenge after graduating from college Shinji joined a company in Tokyo but two years ago he left that company and returned to Yamagata Saito hopes his son will carry on the business he gave the job to Shinji thinking it would expand his technical experience I want to expose him to various possibilities and challenges it's good for me to feel that's important shinji feels the pressure of his father's high expectations he decides to try a special technique not used in the automotive industry he takes out a sprayer used to paint cars he starts painting from a slightly greater distance than usual can he create a Russ like service instead of painting at the usual way I thought this might give it the texture that Corazon wants when it dries look it's got a rough texture but how did he do it normally cars are spray-painted with a lot of power from a close distance that makes the surface smooth but this time Shinji sprayed large droplets from a greater distance the droplets dry in midair and keep their granular shape on the metal surface look how it compares with actual rust see virtually the same this should provide plenty of friction for Cortese fingers shinji's done his part now it's his father's turn Cyclery considers the weight balance this time he looks at the metal fittings he wants to make them lighter by using a different material the current stainless steel fittings weigh 14 grams if I use two titanium bolts 5 grams these are help me minimize the weight next the body to make it lighter he puts it on a crash diet that way he can make the outer ring even heavier which will further stabilize rotation this time Saito puts the newly glued body inside a plastic bag and for some reason removes the air but this draws out excess resin don't cut the weight by about 20 grams by drawing out the excess resin Saito makes the body as wide as he possibly can three hours later it's done good the father reduced the weight even further while the son recreated a rust like surface you two really did a great job you don't usually do that kind of painting do you Shinji son our clients would get mad if I did but somehow you knew it would work I used to throw the discus myself so I have a feel for it really what a coincidence we went to the right place so how does it feel to make things with your father I have only been at it for two years he's been doing this for decades so there's no way I can match him I'm very aware of my own deficiencies what's it like to work with your son I have high expectations for him I think you'll enjoy tackling hard problems and challenges I'm sure you're right let's take a look at the discuses to Saito's made Wow we've asked Corey to choose the one she likes best their outer rings have different weights gingy son did a fine paint job it's true it's got texture how did it feel when you held it it feels broken and despite being new it's got a great feel what do you think hard to believe it's new like a yo-yo you look ready to throw it really grabs the fingers great friction here's the heavy one okay uh it does feel heavy yes the total weights the same yeah but this one lets me dig in with my fingers and use my full strength it's so solid I think it'll require a change in throwing technique do der rings heavier so there's more resistance exactly I think she'll have to change her body movement they worked so hard just for you don't you feel lucky Corey son don't let anyone else use these okay can we put these to the test Corey son which will you throw light or heavy the lighter one the lighter one it is will Corey approve the new discus it's time to put it to the test to help her make an accurate comparison will recreate near championship conditions before she throws the newly made discus Cory son will throw the one she's always used that way we can compare them mas here goes did it go past the 40 meter mark forty four point nine two meters it's not that great a thrill for Cory actually today's not an ideal day for discus throwing there's a tail when today it's difficult coming in from the sea a headwind is better that's right with a headwind you get better lift like under a bird's wing we do the wind wave wind wait that's right jumpers do that too now she'll throw the discus with the 790 grand outer ring here goes how will she do how'd she do looks good yeah how far no go up 47 point 1 6 meters [Applause] despite the bad conditions the supreme skills discus extends the distance it flies more than two meters farther than a regular discus Cory son what do you think if I had a proper headwind during practice and was in good condition I think it wouldn't go down so quickly I think this discus would stay up much longer than the others everyone worked so hard to make this so I want to practice and learn how to use this discus well what do you think coach I think this discus would really fly a long way if we had a headwind both Cory and her coach gave it high marks provision with further development I feel responsible for tailoring the shape to her needs a little more I want to find a better shape to suit her I feel that this program has given me that assignment I think athletes can grow in response to their equipment as they master a new tool athletes grow in various ways it's wonderful if the equipment and the athlete improved together it's rare for equipment makers and athletes to work together like this I hope that what we did here today can be a starting point for further progress does it make you envious yes I'm envious I wish I were back on the field but we're not done yet the next Sports supreme skills wants to support is archery in the 2012 London Olympics taka Haru Haru Kawa won the silver in the men's individual event the wins team also did well winning Japan's first medal in women's archery but in Rio in 2016 it was a different story not a single disappointing but now one man's stepped up to help Japan Yoshihisa Nishikawa Nishikawa operates a metalworking Factory in Tokyo his shop manufactures jigs which are used to temporarily hold components in place in assembly operations his products are the unseen heroes of the production line and here's one of his best there's jig holds printed circuits for plating it was used to build the key computer whoa it helps make one of the world's most powerful supercomputers nishikawa's concepts and manufacturing precision are highly respected and now we've asked him to focus his technical skills on making an archery bow that has a new kind of mechanism his goal neon Gino I want to make a uniquely Japanese bowl specially made for use by Japanese athletes a bow for Japanese hath leitz actually all bows used in archery are made overseas none are made in Japan can Japanese technology help win more medals we'll find out with the archery project on supreme skill no Japanese made bows huh that's right that's why this challenge has been accepted by Ishikawa son and could it be a she sons have you ever done our tree I can't do it late but yes I've tried it oh you have just a little as a hobby huh I'd never seen a Japanese made bow so I figured since our shop manufactures specialty jigs I wanted to make something people could use we're in the business of making tools after all so that desire is what led me to accept this challenge they say if you catch a cold abroad take foreign medicine nishikawa's bow will be tested by you home I ADA an Olympic hopeful he's won Japan's national sports festival and holds the Japanese record for indoor archery thanks for coming so tell me Madison what makes our trees so interesting good question for me it's the feeling I get when I make a good shot and the arrow hits the bullseye it feels great but that's the target there right it's so far away yes it's 70 meters so where was your bow made South Korea South Korea is large very popular there at the Rio Olympics all four gold medals were won by South Korea really then I guess the bows they make there are really advanced so this is a big challenge for your niche go aside do you mind if I hold it hold it here with your left hand and pull the string with three fingers pull it to your chin really really I really tried here are you doing unbelievable hold it with your left hand and pull it to your chin you make it look easy Oh scary now use the sighting device to aim at the target 70 meters away don't shake now Maya is a world-class archer let's watch him shoot using his usual bow here goes there's a slight tailwind he takes his stance and shoots nine points why aren't you cheering I wanted ten points Tommy – on the bullseye is standard yes so really people count how many shots are not ten at the top level yes that's amazing to push the limits of archery Nishikawa turns to another person for help hello are you Takeshi Miyazaki teaches at the University of electro communications I feel Nishikawa son's passion and want to help any way I can Miyazaki specialty is fluid dynamics he's researched how arrows fly to help in that research he built this an archery robot this incredible machine always shoots the arrow in the same way in the spring of 2017 experiments conducted with this machine clarified a problem with modern-day archery 30 arrows were shot without changing the machine settings although it was aimed at the center of the bullseye the machine missed a few shots it's not human error there might be some vibration in the joints between the riser and the limbs huh vibration in the riser joints actually archery bows are comprised of a central riser or handle and two limbs that provide recoil so I didn't know Miyazaki's focused on the joints between the two he suspects that vibration there effects the arrows flight if we observe the joints during a shot it's clear there's some lateral vibration this seems to be caused by the way the two parts are joined in existing bows the limbs are inserted into grooves in the riser this leaves small gaps that might be the source of the shaking the joint parts are called limb pockets they've been the norm for many years it's been the dominant tradition for more than three decades but Nishikawa thinks he has a better idea Yoshiyuki Kobayashi is in charge of fabrication here we go he cuts a riser from a large ingot of aluminum the process takes a full day to complete it's exciting beautiful he's finished the rough cut it already looks like a riser now for the final finishing three days later the prototype is finished but what innovative design did Nishikawa incorporate to stop the joints from vibrating instead of the traditional groove he used a round hole will that do the trick Misha Cohen fights experienced archers to take a look they have more than 30 years of experience and have participated in national championships what do they think of nishikawa's innovation there's no rattling no gaps it's solid is that usual not at all nishikawa's new design uses a round hole instead of a groove the slanted sides of the hole are crucial in reducing vibration to nearly zero the hole narrows towards the bottom the limb fold is held snugly even if there's minor dimensional error the joint bolt is also new it's flexible conventional bolts are simply screwed in and fixed vertically when the string is drawn the end of the limb is brought into contact at a single point but with nishikawa's design the bolt tilts when the limb and rises it hits the whole surface of the vault for better stability oh I get it I get it it's really a great idea are you having fun nishikawa's prototype is ready for testing will his design reduce shaking and if so by how much a sensor is installed to measure vibrations too small to see here goes 3 2 1 the arrows all land in virtually the same spot amazing what about the vibration almost God just look how it compares with a conventional bow the sensor shows that vibration was cut by more than half that's incredible you did it Nishikawa your new ideas totally demolished traditional barriers congratulations discuss on like yes I'm sure that you're doing archery as a hobby for ten years sound someone with no archery experience wouldn't have thought of that it really goes to show that personal investment in something is crucial for good manufacturing now we just have to hope that other archers around the world won't see this program for sure right you really delivered this is a conventional bow sold in stores feel it here this is the joint ah I see and this is the new prototype feel the joint area no habla you're right completely different are their weight restrictions on bows this is still the rough cut it needs final finishing I see actually there are other innovations in this prototype one of them is right here what this is a trade secret isn't that right do you mean we can't show it we'd really rather not make it public I see the secrets hidden in here yes it's a mechanism that allows the archer to change the arrows release angle it's hidden inside what's the advantage of changing the angle when an arrow is shot toward a distant target it flies along a parabolic line distance is increased by angling the arrow upward that means the archer has to raise their arm on a diagonal but this increases the strain on the shoulders we did an experiment to find out just how much the load increases we found that shooting upwards increases muscular activity by 10 percent compared with a horizontal shot Nishikawa found a solution by inventing a mechanism that changes the arrows release angle that way the archer can pull the string back horizontally and still shoot upward such a small change in angle make a difference we shoot 72 arrows and a match it can strain the shoulders you came up with a mechanism that will send the arrow up at an angle all other bows have a fixed position that forces the archers to adapt but we can adapt the bow to the archer instead that's a very Japanese approach to match an individual I see the time has come for my ADA to put nishikawa's first prototype to the test will the BOE win my ADA's stamp of approval please go ahead okay how will it go oh nine points how does it feel what you do this stuff pretty good it's different from a regular bow and I'm not used to it but it certainly feels very stable the arrow really seems to fly straight – trying to prototype out for the first time making adjustments after his first shot he'll shoot again yes that was great incredible right in the middle you hit the bull's eye – on and after only a few hours with the new bow it shows that it has a lot of potential there are fewer than a thousand days until the Olympics but I think I see a round gold like I'll keep working on it if they can keep the stability and straight release while making the bow lighter will really have something please let me know how it goes you bet isn't this great bitch go son there's lots of fun I just hope your ideas aren't stolen thank you I've never seen anything like this I can't stop smiling it's amazing I wish I had a camera we're filming it oh yeah of course Tokio olympians weird supreme skills are with you go for it [Applause] hello and welcome to NHK news line I'm Keiko Kitagawa in Tokyo leaders in Taiwan have unveiled a defense build-up plan as Chinese military jets become more active in the region taiwanese president sighing when says her island plans to start mass production of surveillance drones

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  1. Supreme Skills is a superb program that just goes to show you the ingenuity of how a potential problem can be improved, the little independent machine shops in Japan in particular, has such a dominance in the sense that they have provided excellent service and finished items for many markets. In the uk for example I would have to travel upto ten times the distance to find a similar amount of engineering shops, even then the uk company may not be interested in doing something like this as for the bow in example, the company could be doing a regular mass production run as to a single part, where the customer couldn’t afford to pay for a full days rate . That’s where we miss out, we have a good number of what some people called “Fred in a shed” basis for someone who has a concern at home willing to do this,

    Gratz to the companies who have been involved with the program, very impressed workmanship indeed!👍

  2. This is interesting though barely watchable because of the awful commentators. In any case, about the discus part: Higher rim mass proportion is nothing new, the textured rim is also nothing new (e.g. Berg's 1980s Supersegler came with a steel rim that had a texture for grip from new) and worse is that that painted on stuff will likely wear off quickly. A sandblasted surface may be too fine but perhaps could work. It depends what is allowed by the rules what would be optimal. Then about the shape, why no results on expected distance increase? (they showed the simulations but no expected difference in distance). Why did that thrower only do 2 throws with 2 discuses to 'show which one will fly further'? That result is meaningless! All throwers have variations of 2m and much more all the time in their throws, so the only good test would have been to try all 3 discuses in a row, 5 or 10 times, to get some indication of improvement. Or 3 throws with each discus, then 3 with the next etc. to get used to each one. Better yet that and mix up the order and do it over several days. I don't believe 2m difference is possible from the changes they made, on a throw of only 45 m… The real effects come into play at distances over 60-65 m when the discus flies higher, faster, longer. Even at close to 60m when I was a boy throwing the 1kg discus, I never had any issues with too much toppling of the discus that more mass in the rim could help against…

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