Supportive and Scaffolded Lessons

make your classroom supportive and scaffolded in other words set your students up for success first be supportive emotionally and encourage them praise them give them all love and attention equally you should never have favourites and remember that every student can learn just not on the same day or the same way with that in mind always think in terms of what your students can do not what they can't do and make their success your responsibility teachers have to scalpel their students learning process but what is scaffolding usually the term is used to describe the support structure needed to construct a building take a look at this picture the scaffolding is the frame around the building though construction workers can stand on the scaffolding in order to build or repair a building as teachers we have to provide the scaffolding to our students in order to help them construct knowledge or learn language effectively be sure you break the task down into small achievable steps and give them a model to follow our world teaches language step by step but the teacher still has to take the time to make sure students have plenty of ways to show their comprehension of the new language notice how the teacher is checking comprehension as students listen and point two point for example if I think you have to teach also chat comprehension of words by asking students to give examples from their own lives teachers may use different techniques to help learners understand English such as using visuals gestures or body movement and realia you can make words comprehensible by using graphic organizers like charts Venn diagrams mind maps or by using visual cues like this teacher to scaffold your student's ability to produce language and complete activities it is important to give them a model first watch this teacher give a model before students start the activity

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