Supporting young moms through housing and education

okay we're not sure what ten-month-old baby king is saying here but his mom Anissa says don't come here if you're not willing to better yourself if you come here for a handout you not gonna really leave with anything she's talking about lifeline Family Center a Cape Coral nonprofit supporting young moms since 1996 at their facility living quarters for 12 moms and up to 24 babies classes for managing finances wellness parenting and staff like Cindy Evans and her husband on-site house parents but remember al-nisa told you it's not a handout they have to work right now the moms practice for the real world by paying bills with what's called lifeline bucks earned through participating in daily classes and chores really teaching them real life skills that's part of phase one and I'm Thursday with local leaders on-site ground broke for for two-bedroom apartments living quarters for phase two that gives them another two years to move in by themselves in their little apartment new apartment with new real bills a training ground for the real world in a place right here that still familiar still comfortable to them and if they need help we're right here before they transition out now on ISA and Cindy tell me there's a big push for education and self-sufficiency within the program when women leave the program they should be able to provide for both themselves and their baby now if you'd like to learn more about how they support women in our community or if you'd like to help you can head to our website Fox for now calm

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