Support new undergraduates transitioning to higher education

Starting higher education is often challenging. The UK’s Student Union states that one in five students experience some form of mental health issue, often increasing dropouts and so adequate preparation is vital. Epigeum’s online course ‘Academic Success: Skills for Learning, Skills for Life’ prepares and equips all students new to higher education. The ‘Academic Success’ programme offers three engaging courses: There are videos from students and staff from across the world, sharing opinions and tips on university life. Interactive activities help students apply and extend their learning, and adapt to independent study. Practical scenarios provide insights into all aspects of university life Downloadable documents help students to prioritise their goals. And interactive polls allow users to compare their answers with their peers ‘Academic Success: Skills for Learning Skills for Life’ empowers students to take full advantage of their experience. Smooth the transition to higher education with Epigeum.

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