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Within a school, my teachers have more effect on my future than anything else. These are for you. Josh, thank you so much! Did you all pitch in for this? I’m so sorry – I’m sorry. But, 42% of Utah teachers quit within the first five years. That means many of them will never gain the expertise that comes with years of experience. Don’t go! If we support our teachers with things like competitive compensation, professional support, and more respect, more of them will stick around and we may even get more people to become teachers in the first place. Ready Dr. Lomu? Ready. Told you it’d work. Nice work, Josh. Thanks, Dr. Lomus…es. For your advances in medicine for your contributions to the economy, we present you with a lifetime achievement award as a measure of our thanks. Thank you, Dr. Josh Sanders. If we want our kids to grow up with the confidence to pursue goals and be prepared for life, we need to support the best teachers to help them get there. Support great teachers and make sure we attract new ones, because it’s my education, and it’s our future. If we can get and hold on to really great teachers, we can help more children succeed in school and create a brighter future for everyone. Take a look at these other videos to see what else we can do improve education in Utah.

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  1. Dear Utah,
    Please. Just stop. This is not how to do things. It's like these commercials were made by and for the elderly of the state. If real change is going to be made it needs to be focused towards the younger generations. Quite frankly, focus on relating to the people that have more time to change things. This is not the way to do it. I've personally seen this pop up as an ad only twice and I'm already tired of it. I know everyone else eventually will be too. Especially reading the outstanding 5 comments before this, one of them being from myself from the first time I saw this awful thing. I promise you, this commercial will not make a difference in any effort you are trying to bring attention too.

    – Sincerely everyone that has every even heard the word "Utah"

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