SuperHuman You Teaching Useless Exercises To Build Your "INNER CHEST"!!!

hey everybody its Jason Blaha here you guys know what time it is time to talk about current events neon fitness community in a number of my subscribers have linked me a video from a guy called superhuman you have covered a couple of his videos in the past and I really want to make this a learning lesson because there's some major physiology problems in here and he did a video explaining how to develop the inner chest and he has his special exercises for it and here's what people need to understand I don't care what your training goals are I don't care whether your strength or performance oriented like me and big chunk of my subscribers here or whether you're chasing the aesthetics thing or the bodybuilding thing or whatever else there are basic laws of physiology in the body that have to be followed and understood otherwise it's going to be harder for you to reach your goals and you're going to fall into silly nonsense that people put out there and I'm not saying that necessarily everything this guy says is wrong I'm not saying everything he says it's nonsense cuz obviously it's not so I do want to admit that it's not like everything he says in his videos is wrong this particular video is way wrong and it just has to do with understanding basic physiology and he's basically a special exercises to bring out the inner chest alright here's what people need to understand we all have lagging muscle groups and again goes back to my point I don't care whether it's a performance issue whether it's an aesthetics issue every single one of us have a lagging muscle or muscle head somewhere we've got multiple of them in our bodies that we do need to bring up from time to time to help us reach our goals even I as a strength athlete I have weaknesses right now and my musculature that I'm working on and putting extra work in to design new it will help me improve my benchpress and it will help me improve my squad and we have to be aware of how these different muscles work because if we don't how are we gonna possibly bring up our weak body parts and it's like the other day Scott Herman did a video and I covered that law he was talking about people putting out silly exercises that don't really do what people want them to do and they'd be better off sticking to basic exercises or time-proven things to to even correct weak points you know the case here superhuman you saying that hey is hard to build that area but I want you guys to notice why does he have a well-developed inner chest you really think it's these special exercises or do you think it's because his whole chest is big the guy has a pretty big chest right he's not lacking in his pet department the entire thing is big the outer edge is big he's at a low body fat all right that's usually what it takes to build your inner chest and I want to make that clear and I'm gonna get over to the different parts of the chest in a minute but you have to understand there are different parts of the chest that can be emphasized to some extent with different exercises no one's arguing against that but they tend to be proximal to distal not medial and lateral all right you can't actually work your inner chest more than your outer chest and vice versa you can't do it now people are going to say Jason don't you say that the longer range of motion matters that there's muscle fibers you know whether it's benchpress or anything else don't you always say that in order to work all the available muscle fibers you have to do the full range of motion yes so doesn't it stand the reason that there are muscle fibers that are only worked at the bottom and there are muscle fibers that are only work at the top yeah that's true that's true that's absolutely true and I'm not gonna argue against that point in fact we're gonna reenact but it doesn't mean that they're inside to outside in other words when you look at the way the PEC contracts it basically does this right this is what your pectoral does you do know that at every point in this range of motion there are muscle fibers all the way across retracting you know contracting all right that's part of what they do and so the top of the movement doesn't work the inner part more it doesn't work the outer part more that's not how the PEC works they're a line of muscles they all insert into a point up here and then they fan out towards the chest and that's the reason we can get some of this up to down all right that can affect it high and low right as far as our angle so the angle down here here here alright that affects it and it will affect talk to bottom to some extent and there are certain positions even even that are in the middle that will the top to the top and bottom or alright we know that floor presses for example seem to at least an EMG data hit the upper chest a lot harder than a normal flat bitch does yeah we're all familiar with that right cuz there's some different things that happen with the muscle fiber recruitment but just like an we talk about the bicep do you don't work the upper and lower bicep more right okay this is a line of pull so think about it that way there might be different heads left to right on it but if you look where they insert that's the same as like this right so now we're see that line apply tend to the tendon that makes sense you guys get that right what's the same here to here and what ends up happening is that yes the very top because we have the most tension on the muscle at the bottom that's the hardest part we do generate more work at the bottom like a bitch press or anything else right and it dis easier as we go up and yes there are people who have a lacking chest who might need to do some smaller exercises do you know why because maybe their chest doesn't get fully developed maybe there are some people who they need a little bit more chest stimulation has their chest doesn't respond as well depresses maybe it's a lacking body part just like for me generally my triceps are the weak link in my benchpress I have to do extra tricep work we are all a bit different there and different weak points are going to develop over time but that means that you just need to do some extra smaller one for it if your chest is lagging and everything else your triceps and delts and everything else are growing there's probably things you need to adjust in your benchpress there's probably you might even need to do a smaller size you might even need to do a single joint type fly type movement I'm not gonna argue against that there are definitely cases for that even though I'm not a Bowie's a big fan of smaller exercises I'll admit hey if everything else is growing in your chest is is your weak point even in your benchpress as a power lifter you might even need to do some small exercises for your chest right I'm not gonna argue against that if it is what it is but what you need to understand is that just because it's easier at the top doesn't mean you're not working because you know why you Teague fibers at the bottom your chest is still at the lockout up here is still being worked really really hard on a white grit benchpress you can still build a massive chest doing that or an incline bench but you can't work the inner or outer more if your inner chest is lagging there's usually only two things causing it either your chest as a whole isn't big enough or you've got too much fat covering it that's the reason you can't see that badass chest a lot of these guys want all right a lot of you guys are chasing as Omar gets off puts it it's because you need bigger pecs and if you do anything that makes the outer grow the inner is going to grow also you can't change the proportions on the chest like that it's a body fat issue if your outer chest is really big and you still don't have the inner chef that you won't I can promise you it's a body fat issue or some guys they're just sort of eventually you get it so big that you can still see that even through their body fat but those are guys you have the massive chest you guys you've been drowned even when they're a twenty percent body fat you can still see that sometimes but it's because their chest as a whole has gotten that big and people need to understand that you can't buy us the inner or outer chest and some people will say well how come I feel it more on a Close Grip well think about it you're moving it through a longer range of motion right so you are fatiguing fibers differently you're getting a deeper stretch you get the same thing probably if you did an incline bench and when you come up with a Close Grip what are you doing you're actually pressing your arm your bicep presses against your chest you're actually pushing against the chest that's the reason you feel it a little more the tub with that it's not working the muscle fibers harder when you squeeze up at the top what are you doing you're pressing against the sides of your chest you know feeling your pecs more but that's not the muscles contracting harder it gets resistance and you look you can do all the little light isometrics and squeezes in the world you want but that doesn't stimulate muscle growth just because you feel a squeeze there just because you're doing some smaller exercise and you feel the squeeze there that doesn't mean that it stimulating growth how do we stimulate growth the progressive overload right the progressive overload you have to increase tension you have to increase work and squeezing a muscle when a lightweight is not work particularly at the top where your muscle is actually the strongest you're not you're not doing much of anything you might feel it cuz you're squeezing it but you know what if I squeezed my chest right now I can feel it do you think that's gonna make it grow no you have to have progressive overload and that progressive overload can be in the form of extra mechanical attention for more weight it can be in the form of additional reps it can be in the form of additional sets so in other words volume is a form of progressive overload assuming you can recover from that additional volume but you have to have progressive overload and just squeezing a muscle where you think you're supposed to feel it that isn't really doing anything you might think it does you can argue about it bodybuilders can argue about it all they want but mechanic biomechanically speaking that's not reality it's not actually helping it's not doing anything these are silly exercises being thrown in there instead of doing a nice full range of motion exercises that work the whole chest and by all means look if you feel that you need to do a smaller exercise because your delts and your triceps and everything else you're growing faster than your chest and your chest is lagging and you want to do some sort of smaller exercise whether it's flies with dumbbells or cables or whatever it is you want to do that's fine but you need to understand just as much of your inner chest as being worked at the bottom as it is the top right because the fibers run this way all the way across and there are muscle fibers in the inner chest that are being worked at the very bottom also you need to be doing the whole thing look you need to be doing the whole thing otherwise you're actually shortchanging the potential growth just doin silliness it's not really based on reality and it doesn't matter that some guy says well this is what I've done and I've got results like well you've got a big overall chest you're at a low body fat there could be all sorts of other factors and genetics drugs everything else but it's obviously overall development so obviously overall development in his case the guy again has a big overall chest and he's in a low body fat that's the reason he look at us nothing at all to do with these smaller exercises because again that's not how the pecs even work that that's not what they do that that's not a realistic understanding of how the muscle fibers throughout the muscle didn't work again he was he talking about upper versus lower with some stuff okay whip would be a different story he would have a point there there is there is evidence for that there's to get biomechanics you can look at to determine that that's reality but inner versus outer chest you can't actually train them separately like that alright guys but that's really all I have to say on that today I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time

18 thoughts on “SuperHuman You Teaching Useless Exercises To Build Your "INNER CHEST"!!!”

  1. You can sculpt certain areas a bit like lower biceps or inner chest if you don't mind wasting serious time in the gym but your genetics probably matter here the most, especially for inner chest.

  2. You can probably say some muscle fiber portion could possibly be strained more in particular joint angles, regardless, does it even hypertrophy that particular portion more? That stuff don't even practically matter.

  3. Hi Coach, like yourself I also have a lagging chest and really want to bring it up. Do you think training chest 3 times a week for a natural would be optimal?

  4. Jason! The silly hater channels are trying to come back please report them once for all I hate them (the brit and the joo)

  5. I heard Jeremy Hamilton say he feels doing more chest isolation as an accessory as opposed to triceps is often a neglected part of getting a bigger bench. Often the triceps are the main focus on accessories

  6. I get just as much chest activation doing a close grip bench than wide grip, I definitely feel my triceps more in the close grip, so therefore close grip seems like a clear winner for me, only close grip from now on for me

  7. Cucumber, would you say that The Press™ is better at building chest than bench press is at building shoulders?

  8. When I do close grip bench press I still feel that my chest is still dominating the movement not my triceps like I'd hope

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