Super Intelligence: 🍎 Memory Music, Improve Memory and Concentration, Binaural Beats Focus Music

47 thoughts on “Super Intelligence: 🍎 Memory Music, Improve Memory and Concentration, Binaural Beats Focus Music”

  1. Eu gostaria de saber os motivos desse vídeo ter ganhado deslikes. Alguém poderia me esclarecer? Obrigada.

  2. Ancient Stoners say that if you're temperamentally wise for long enough, that is, if you smoke quality weed through a pipe every time you reflect on the true-self and never cut your hair, there will come a time when it shall grow feather structures on its edges. Someone called it the fenix embodiment of cosmological introspection, one of the final visible stages to the process of rebirth as an all-seeing own vessel. If all goes well, in your dying human stage you must find yourself within your nature and be reborn as a tree. Yet not any kind of tree. Your feathers turn into leaves, your hard core into roots, and your eyes engrave onto your trunk. After undergoing fauna-to-flora transformation, most of biological evolution's mistakes that refined your previous sentient form, are no longer clouding your true-self, still present and unaffected by the physical changes of time. With nothing to do but eyes to see and weep the world around, the three eyed raven, also known as the memory of the world itself, shall use your new being to watch and remember the world from where and when you were reborn until the time comes when you're ripped out of the ground by root and stem, rising to become something new and old. And who knows what you will become next, a celestial body, a black hole? Time will tell, and what is time if not order and chaos dancing between the known and unknown.

  3. I have ADHD and this video has really helped me with my concentration when I was studying for my exam. I create similar video and they really help with concentration and meditation. Thank you and good luck too everybody that have upcoming exams 🍀

  4. I'll have my final exams the 8/06 & 10/06 soo i hope this will help me focusing on my studies…i'll come back to tell you my mark💪❤❤

  5. I've tried searching this guys links but came up short. Could anyone possibly link me the photo of the bearded guy smoking a pipe at the beginning, but without the water mark? Thank you!

  6. Tomorrow my final exams start! I am a slow learner so i will listen to this a lot.I wihs good luck on anyone having any kind of examination or work!!Lets all pray for all 🙏

  7. The one who reads the comments whilst listening to this is a fool.
    (From the guy looking at you from the screen)

  8. I've been procrastinating for almost 6 hours now. 6 hours of absolutely nothing getting done when I'm supposed to be working on a project that's OVERDUE. Just remember that everything is you. You are the one with the requirement. You are the one with the skills your academic proctors need to test. You are the one choosing to procrastinate, but most importantly, you are the one making all the improvements and doing all the work. If you procrastinate for 6 hours you're only letting one person down. That's you. So be kind to yourself, and get it all done. Oh yeah, and stay hydrated.

  9. I'm not lying guys this really works😂i don't know if i just had luck or really learned good or if its because of this but i wrote a A in my test

  10. Seriously you have to read Ecclesiastes because the figure in this picture reminds me of King Solomon.

  11. A wise man once said, it's not WHAT you know, it's WHEN you know it. Ergo, we learn for the sake of passing tests, not for the sake of knowledge itself. To truely learn, one must be innately curious. Nay, excited for the possession of that knowledge or skill…..or some such shit. I'm just making this crap up as I go like most people here

  12. Wise words, I always have to work extra hard to do an exam. After is over I feel so good. Yes is true work hard to accomplish your gold's.

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