Sungazing Warning – How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills

11 thoughts on “Sungazing Warning – How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills”

  1. You're so arrogant that dislikes watching or listening to you, and therefore not taking you seriously. You make fun of other peopler believes no respecting them. I don't think that's neither wise nor good. I'm looking for information about the stuff, and I cannot understand how do you compare someone who saw the sun during an sclipse to look at to the sun in "safe hours." Anyway, by the way you behave I don't think you consider any comment against you with respect or self-reflexion. Bye. I hope one day you'll be bether than yourself the day you made this video. You need so much love and things to happen to you to change you. Good vibes to you, you need them, honey.

  2. sun gazing traditionally done at sun rise or sun set(most prefer sun set). Now you have this knowledge given to you with no ill-intention please try again.

  3. Should we use our glasses regularly when we go out or watch something like while we practice this exercise? Or should we stop using glasses completely?

  4. at dawn and sunset the VU's are soft (under 2) like a TV set …any time later in the day WILL HURT EYES (dawn and dusk only)

  5. Every sense that you have can be overloaded. Too loud and you can go deaf, too much feeling and you will feel pain, too strong a smell and you will be in nose pain, too much taste like a very spicy food and your mouth will feel numb, and if you get too much light you can go blind

  6. "The problem is therefore not the ability to get the knowledge, but the willingness to accept it." Right on. This sounds a lot like people's relationship with self-improvement. I'm learning life’s recipes are NOT complicated. We make them complicated with our poor choices despite KNOWING what to do and HAVING the information literally at our fingertips. The more we choose to ignore life's straight forward recipes, the less energy and ability we have to achieve our life goals. Add in laziness, rationalization, negative relationships and soon we’re in the abyss of a victim mindset. The simpler we keep things, the more influence we have in shaping our own reality. Let's get effective, mold our dreams into ambition, and take a huge bite out of the discipline sandwich. Thanks for the great video.

  7. On a scale from 1-10 – 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest – how would you rate your critical thinking skills? 🙂

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